the maytag man....dead or alive?

I could have sworn I heard he died…but last night I saw another new maytag commercial , and this time I could not explain away his presence as digital enhancement or whatever…

Am I crazy or what…is he dead or not?

Mr. Maytag is alive & operating a brewery in San Francisco producing IMO, the best beer in the USA…Thanks Fritz!


Jesse White the original Maytag repairman died many years ago and was replaced by Gordon Jump (WKRP in Cincinati) soon afterward.

Actually, Jesse White quit playing the repairman in 1989, eight years before he died.

Gordon Jump has been the repairman wince 1993.

I dunno what happened to the 4 years between.

The 4 years in between, Maytag did not need to run the commercials. The commercials were not trying to sell appliances,they sold plenty,precisely because they were so dependable. It was the repair men who had bought the franchises to repair Maytags who were complaining. They really weren’t getting any business,they were complaining and waanted their money back.So in an effort to appease them Maytag ran the commercials.They figured they would show ‘Lonely repairmen’ with nothing to do and ‘lonely housewives’ would see them and the repairmen would be happy.There was that economic slump in 89, many husbands lost there jobs and began hanging around the house.Not that they were paying any more attention to their wives,they just began ‘tinkering’ with things,the repairmen now had plenty of business ‘untinkering’ things.In 93 the economy improved. As for ‘digital enhancement’ that stuff is undetectable now days,this posting was composed in 1973 and was originally about baby pigeons. What you are seeing isn’t even real.


Manny times I’ve thought Contestant #3 was computer generated.

Manny times I’ve thought Contestant #3 was computer generated. Guess the proof is in the “pidgeon”.

I I give give up. up. Pigeon Pigeon is is what what I I meant. meant.

look, I asked a legitimate question, looking for information (thank you to those who responded with it) and now this is an excuse to bash C#3…he isnt even on this thread!!!
Isnt this the very shit you guys are all bitching about him for???
I really dont get it.

Why are you not deleting that last post???
You would if C#3 did it!

You know, really the post isn’t a big deal, specially considering Contestant 3 would in no way whatsoever be offended in any way.

The only thing that bugged me was that it was really really unfunny.

Especially following what I considered the funniest post I have read in quite a while. Mr. John, that was classic, I think that should go on that best of straight dope page!! Bravo.


I disagree…it was unfunny the first two times, by the third,it was just irritating.

But, kellibelli, you do agree that mr. john’s post was darn funny, don’t you?


I hesitat to reply ,because kelli is going to get an Email and think it is important. Sorry,kell. I never bash anyones attempts at humor some,most, of mine fall flat.I do try to wait till a legitimate answer is given,even if it is wrong.Except for a quick one liner.Thank you, pat.You can hide behind me,chief. It did have a certain wit to it,but I too am tired of this taking every opportunity to keep fueds alive. And I did learn that Mr. White was dead, I didn’t know that.Any of you in my generation may see an irony in mr.WHITE doing ads for Maytag. Where did they get the name Maytag any way? Probably mundane but you never know.


actually, I thought you were quite witty…I enjoyed your post, and respect the restraintto wait till the question.
Hats off to you :slight_smile: