Maytag: would you *please* drop the disgusting commercial?

Maytag is coming out with a new washer, the Neptune, which uses some sort of super-duper stain remover technology. Fine.

Their radio ad campaign features a couple of kids having a grape jelly fight. Fine again.

What is not fine is the sound effects used for the jelly. It sounds like some old guy snorking his snot! I mean really snorking his snot!





Damn, that’s disgusting. Somebody thought that effect was a good idea? Unbelievable. Coming from me, that means somthing. I’m used to snorking old guys, my dad is one and I’ll be one too in about 30 years.

Well they look cool, that’s got to be worth something.

I think if my brother and I had a grape jelly fight, those wouldn’t be the only stains that washer would have to get out when my mom caught us.

You do realize this sentence can be read a couple of different ways.

With that sound I’m glad they didn’t use mint jelly.

That’s almost as bad as the public service “clean air” radio campaign running on Raleigh, NC radio stations right now. It starts out nice–a father and his son headed outside for a fun game of catch. Before they get very far, however, junior starts coughing, evidently due to the bad Raleigh air. Unfortunately, the noise comes across as WHOOOOORK WHOOOOOORK, over and over. It doesn’t even sound human.

Well, yeah, but I couldn’t think what else to do with it an not have it come out cumbersome.

“I’m used to the ‘old guy snork’ sound … my dad does it and I’ll be joining him in about 30 years” looks better. I think.

Snork you!


Aw, get smurfed in your smurf, you mothersmurfer!


But if they drop the Maytag spots, that will only make room for (even) more Geico ads.

And for the love of Christ, we do NOT need that.

I think EVERY commercial should have an old guy snorking his snot. More power to you, Maytag!

I haven’t seen this atrocity. Did their legal department advise them that they weren’t in a strong position to continue to imply that the Maytag Man never had any service calls and that they’d better make up some alternative explanation for his loneliness?

Oh, and I didn’t read the OP, obviously. Wheee.

It’s only on the radio, AFIK. This would explain who they got to do the snorking, though. :slight_smile:

So…how much snot would a snot-snorker snork, if a snot-snorker could snork snot?

Hey, it’s the same company that’s airing that horrible back to school commercial with that little boy who has a lot of crappy things happen to him on the first day of school. Sure, it’s kind of cute, but what are they trying to do, create as much anxiety as possible for kids going back to school? It’s madness.

I LOVE that little gecko. When he wins employee of the month and drives up in his Stuart Little convertible…hee hee hee!

FWIW my neighbor has a set of Neptunes and said they pretty much suck, or ummm… it s’not all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m jellin’ like a felon…:dubious: