The Megas XLR appreciation thread

Where to begin? A good ole’ boy in his “giant robot car”? The digs at every mecha and anime of the past twenty years? The fact that Jersey City is now contending with Tokyo as the most-destroyed piece of real estate on the planet? This show rocks.

… At first I thought this was a thread about sound cable…

I love this show. I remember seeing the pilot, and hoping above all else it becomes a series, and sure enough, it is! :smiley:

Does Jaime get a girlfriend? I saw an episode where he borrowed Koop’s car to impress this girl; would be interesting to see her as a recurring character although she was rather one dimensional in that episode…

At first I thought the show was stupid. Then I watched an episode.

I still think it’s stupid, but funny-stupid, not this-is-unwatchable-crap stupid.