The melody under Eminem’s “Without Me” ?

As Eminem is doing his rap, we here a little flute tune in the background and he even hums it at the very end


Did he make that up, or is that “sampled” from somewhere?

I’m pretty sure thats made up. It just sounds familiar because its been done a million times before.

According to the CD sleeve, the only sampled part on that track are the resung elements from “Buffalo Gals.”

He does it twice but the first time it’s the Batman TV show theme. The second time I don’t recognize it. If you’ve seen the video, he plays a Robin like character and Dr. Dre, Batman.


I can’t believe I’m discussing the detailed artistic levels of an Eminem song. But …

Yes, earlier he does the “Batman” theme, but the thing he hums at the very end is different and it’s heard quietly in the background throughout the whole song.

That’s definitely a familiar tune, but I haven’t been able to place it either.

why is sampled in inverted commas?

“Sampled” is in quotes because it isn’t actually sampled. A true sample is to take something right from a recording. I think that Eminem is performing this mystery tune himself (in the case of the hum at the end) and someone else is playing the tune on the quiet instrument that we hear in the background. Using sampled in quotes was just my lazy way of asking “Does anyone know who first performed/ recorded this catchy ditty and where is it from?”

I thought it sounded like Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”.

You know, I think Eminem is a juvenile attention whore who is Not To Be Taken Seriously, but damn if he doesn’t have some catchy songs and funny videos.

Then again, I did very much enjoy The Chronic, so maybe Dr. Dre has more to do with this than Eminem.

I should probably also add that I hate about 99% of all rap music.