The Michael Vick smile-time fun hour

Michael Vick to get his own reality TV show

Holy crap, I know “the networks have sunk to a new low” is a cliche, but if there’s a one time it applys, it’s here. shifts eyes would it be considered racist to start a boycott against BET?

A number of black people can’t stand BET. I’m not one of them but you could join them.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea behind this show. It’s going to be about a guy’s shot at redemption after he’s been released from prison. I don’t think that is “a new low” at all.

He’s not opening a chinese buffet is he?

Everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe putting Vick and the bitch who had all her teeth pulled for breeding purposes, and the rape rack in the same scene will be good therapy for him. Then again maybe the show will be the length of rope needed to hang himself in public and the last we’ll see of him. That might be good for us.

Och! It’s a grand parade.

I will be unable to join your boycott against BET until the conclusion of “Foxxy Kwanzaa”.