"The Mick". Not a good show.

Complete and total crap! Not funny, not clever, not anything but a waste of airtime. If this show were a SDMB poster, they would be banned for being a troll. It just trolls the TV.

I see some of the same names in the credits from “Always Sunny”. Another down-right awful show with horrible characters doing horrible things. But every now and then, it would be pretty damn funny. The Mick, not at all.

And Kaitlin Olson, way to spread those artistic wings and soar! She can play any part, from a skanky, low-class disgusting whore (Dee Reynolds) to a skanky, low-class disgusting whore (Mick). I smell an Emmy! Oh, wait. That is my feet.

All the other characters are equally as rotten and one-dimensional. And not funny. Spoiled arrogant kids, abusive old people, and the one kid that gets fucked up every episode with some horrible accident. What a fresh idea. Straight out of South Park, episode one. Will not be watching this anymore.

That something this bad even got made and put on the air is a sad commentary on the state of entertainment.

Gotta agree. A female Uncle Buck. Everything about the show seems lifted. And it’s not even close to being funny.

It’s just Caitlin Olson thinking that her character from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia can carry a show without the rest of the cast. Spoiler alert: she can’t. She is the least funny one in that show.

The commercials looked stupid, and I can’t stand that Peter Pan kid. I’m glad I’m not missing anything.

Honestly, from the horrible endlessly-run-during-football commercials, I can’t see how anyone could have ever thought it would be anything other than bad. I saw nothing remotely funny at all.

This is what is wrong with America - that people who make these shows think they are funny, and somewhere out there in viewerland is someone who agrees. The perfect show for Fox.

The commercials didn’t do anything for me. I’m kind of burned out on boozy skank humor.

I’ll obviously grant you Charlie Day, along with Danny DeVito – and I’ll even grant you Glenn Howerton – but Rob McElhenney?

Really? Mac is like second behind Charlie as far as funny goes.

I obviously have not had my fill of boozy skank humor because I liked it.

Man, FOX REALLY pimped the hell out of this show!
Constant ads run during nearly every commercial break during NFL games.
Constant ads run during nearly every commercial break over the 13 day marathon (11/24/16 thru 12/6/16) run of all 600 episodes of The Simpsons on FXX.
and if that wasn’t enough…
While listening to some sports talk radio last week they were running commercials for The Mick during ad breaks!

I haven’t seen this much of a push for a sitcom, let alone for any TV show, in a long time.

Yeah, I don’t honestly know what I was expecting. I figured it would be bad, but not that bad.

Kinda like when you step in shit. You know its not good, but you don’t expect it to get all squished up between your toes.

I thought the show looked like shit from the commercials and general concept (Olson plays the exact same character from Always Sunny), so I’m not surprised the reaction is negative… but I gotta say, comparing it to Always Sunny and South Park actually makes me more interested, not less. :smiley:

It’s almost sunny if you remove the eight or nine funniest characters. And replace them with annoying children.

My roommate and I both really laughed a lot. We know people like her and she does a convincing job of playing the part.

We loved Grandma especially.

You must not watch much AFC football on CBS. That hospital show seems to be every other commercial over there.

Kinda reminds me of my sister, but my sister never wears shoes.

Is your roommate a girl? Because if she is, I’m beginning to see a pattern. . …

I watched about the first 3 min. and that was enough for me. She may be a slimy, scum-ball, shop-lifter. but she cares about personal hygiene. what a waste of a half-hour

I just watched the trailer/preview for the first time. I’ll admit I laughed a couple of times but not really my kind of show. My overall impression is it’s so idiotic I have little doubt it will find its audience and be a hit.

Amen. 2 Broke Girls is still going.