The missing word of this phrase?


I’m looking for the answer to a quiz. It’s about a sound snippet in which Russell Brand’s voice says " i like that he likes ___ " . The last word is blank (muted). Got to guess that missing word. This line could be from a movie, music video or interview.

Anyone listened to this particular phrase spoken by him? What’s the word? Pls mention the source (interview, podcast) if possible.

Thanx a lot for any kind of help!

Boy, you’re sure covering the internet with this question. Is there a forum or message board on which you HAVEN’T asked it?

I tried googling, and all I find is you asking the question on forum after forum…


paradoxigalore, so far your only posts on the SDMB have been about these quizzes. I’m not going to ban your account but I’m closing this thread. Please put something into the message boards if you expect to get something out of it.