The moon was blood, the Old Queen died...

Not an April Fool’s, but truly the night before the Queen Mum died the moon was huge and a deep, vivid red (like that poem, “Sometime when the moon was blood/Then surely I was born” about the Jesus-donkey) and the night of the day she died it was also a deep burnt red-orange.

A strange and prophetic omen as the land bleeds for the loss to its divine bloodline?

Surely so, in the movement of the heavenly orbs it is writ.

Not. :wink:

But more prophetic still, the day Princess Margaret died, someone told me the following joke:

Q: What will Princess Margaret get for Easter?
A: The Queen Mum.

Perhaps the “bloody moon” omen is a royal tradition?

In Alexandre Dumas’ book “Twenty Years After”, the continuation of the “Three Musketeers”, he describes the Battle of Naseby (1645) where Charles I was captured by Oliver Cromwell. In the book, one of the characters claims to see a moon the colour of blood and dies in the battle. Alexandre Dumas, in that section, claims that Henri IV (of France) saw bloody spots on a chessboard, in a game against M. de Bassompierre, the day before he was murdered. Though the footnotes in my edition say that there is no historical record of this.