The most addicting game on the internet

This is probably the most addicting game i have ever played, and i thought i would share :cool:

My high is 531…

Makai Media Spear Toss

I did 652.

Ok I fouled. But there is this huge wall at the other end of the island.
and there is a thread on this game somewhere else already.

I don’t get it… what’s the trick to make the spear go further?

When I foul, it just throws the spear for me. How can you foul and get that far?

If someone doesn’t explain this game to me soon I’m gonna cry. :frowning:

OK, I get it now. You hold down the mouse button.

ARG!!! Must… get past… 532…but finger…wearing-out… THROW DAMN YOU! THROW!!!

My high so far is 518.257

531.671! :smiley:

532.769… I HATE FOULS!!!

533.6…How frustrating.

I’ve gots another site. It has a TON of games. Tons o’ flash games.



How about the shortest throw you can get? I just achieved an 0.505.

Cute, even if you do nothing at all, you get around 226

i got a 534.452 but, i dont think it is actaully possible to get any further. this is annoying!!

shortest 0.02 :smiley:

530.93 on a throw I didn’t think would make 400. 534.512 on a throw I fouled because of my big toe.

Shortest? .02. Yeah, that’s right, two hundredths of a foot. I actually got one to land behind the marker where you gotta throw.

534.734, improving slightly

I got like 548.something on a foul that was just barely a foul. How farking annoying.

i’ve gotten 534 several times :frowning: i think it just doesn’t like me