Ok - who's gonna toss the spear with me? (warning: Addictive as hell)

Go here: Spear Toss

My best so far: 532.89

Heh - new best: 534.934


OK - now I remember why I don’t typically play computer games. I think I may have an addictive personality about some things.

After playing that silly little thing for over 45 MINUTES - The best I could do was 534.956 - not quite enough to be in the pantheon of 535’ers listed on the game…

'Course I did really, really well when going past the fould line…

530.064 so far.

  1. something if you include my foul shot. :smiley:

Fun game.

326.077 thats about the best i’m able to get.

Damn you for addicting me to this! :smiley: (534.179)

FeFe - You have to hold the mouse button down to wind up, then release it to throw.

ah ok… i’ll try that next time

505.003 Was my high score. I love Flash games.

I got 512.685 this time.

531.831 after my ten minute pre-set limit. (You gotta keep these things in check!)

Over 64 million games played so far…I believe it!

Just look for my name on the high toss list…

My best: 535.002


534.661 just ain’t what it used to be.

Anyone toss a 539 foul??

I tossed a 544 foul :smiley:

My best legit toss is now 534.66


If you look quickly, I’m on the “Today’s Highs” list.

If you you’re actually trying for a foul, you can get it a lot further… My longest foul throw is 605.564. :slight_smile:

My best ‘fair’ throw is 534.54.


531.826 high scrore,
593.666 best foul.

I tried to get him to throw it straight up in the air so it would fall on his head, but it didn’t work. Dammit.

Ok, so I’m now convinced that 535 is impossible. All those high scores are fake, designed to make you keep trying. I’ve hit 534+ about a dozen times.

That being said, it’s now time for the longest throw, period. Fouls don’t matter. My best?


Help… me…

Can’t… stop… myself…

Mommy, make it stop.