The most brilliant Pink Floyd song EVER

It has to be “When the Tigers Broke Free”. It was omitted from The Wall album, but it’s the best they’ve ever done.

“And that’s how the High Command took my daddy from me”



Lucifer Sam is by a huge margin my favorite Pink Floyd song.


A close, and inseperable tie for second to Sheep.

‘Animals’ is a masterpiece.

When The Tigers Broke Free is good indeed. It’s in The Wall movie.

I’ve always been partial to Terminal Frost, just because I dig the saxophone solo near the end. Also I really love the harmonies in various songs on Division Bell and Momentary Lapse of Reason.

And Brain Damage/Eclipse is always fun :slight_smile:

As for haunting, I think a lot of the stuff on The Final Cut is pretty good. Also Wearing the Inside Out from Division Bell.

Ahhh, memories of Pink Floyd.

Nov '82 in the run up to my university final exams. My first really serious relationship had gone bung due to external factors. I threw myself into studies as the only opiate I knew.

As it turned out I blitzed them, but I was emotionally zapped.

After the exams were completed I went back home (about 800 miles west of Sydney) to recover. The first night my parents went out for a function. It was a warm night, over 30C at midnight and totally still. I set up a sofabed on the back lawn with the stereo system facing out. Put on “Wish You Were Here” with the volume right up. The nearest human being was probably 15 miles away.

Still get goosebumps remembering it.

It’s definitely a good song, but Roger Waters is an egotistical asshole. I prefer the Pink Floyd songs from the era when David Gilmour wrote most of the music and Waters stuck to the lyrics. If I’m not mistaken, he wrote most of the music on the Wall album (which is awesome).

Shit, I just realised I contradicted myself and this post has absolutley no point. PINK FLOYD ROCKS!

Anyone ever been to a Pink Floyd concert?

  1. Shine on you crazy diamond
  2. Julia dream
  3. Echoes
  4. Pillow of wind
  5. Mother

Tigers is a great song, I agree. Funnily, on the back of the single it says “From the forthcoming album The Final Cut” which is not only historically curious, but is ironic, seeing as it’s better than any of the songs that did end up making up TFC. The b-side’s pretty damn cool too.

FWIW, my favorite 10 Pink Floyd Songs (as of today, when I haven’t really listened to them in months):

  1. Echoes (Meddle, 1971) - not that I can actually listen to it anymore, but just reading the title brings back great memories of some crazy nights ;).

  2. Scream Thy Last Scream Old Woman With a Casket (Unreleased single, 1968) - amazingly modern sounding, fantastic little cut, from the same time as the better known Vegetable Man.

  3. Saucerful of Secrets (Umma Gumma, 1969) - far and away better than the studio version - I particularly love the calm, melodic part at the end.

  4. Us and Them (Dark Side of the Moon, 1973) - Too beautiful and sad for words.

  5. Bike (Piper at the Gates of Dawn, 1967) - crazy, madcap, silly, and catchy.

  6. Dogs (Animals, 1977) - no comments on this - most Floyd fans already know and love this album.

  7. Hey You (The Wall, 1979) - just a beautiful song that leads into the strangeness of the second half of The Wall fantastically.

  8. The Nile Song (More, 1969) - Where this came from, I have no idea. An early heavy metal song that hardly any heavy metal fans know.

  9. Comfortably Numb (The Wall, 1979) - OK, it’s a complete cliche to list it, but what a great song. How many guitarists have decided to either take up guitar or give up (not being able to compete) after hearing this?

  10. Interstellar Overdrive (Full version from Tonite Let’s All Make Love …, 1967) - The pinnacle - Pink Floyd’s very own psychedelic freak out. I still wanna see the movie of this, but thank goodness they bothered to put this out for our listening pleasure.

Good list, Henry. But I’d add “Free Four” (from Relics, I think) as another classic. Plus there’s a few kickers on some of Syd’s solo stuff.

For anyone who never heard of Pink Floyd until Dark Side of the Moon, run out and get some of the cool early stuff!..Timmy

I opened this thread to write this.

Animals is the best Pink Floyd album, by far.

Dogs, for me too. Closely followed by Sheep, and all the Pigs.

  • Salil.

Amen to Animals.

[slight hijack]
One of my favorite moments on WKRP in Cincinnati was the end of, I think, the first episode. Johnny Fever is sitting in the control room, listening to Dogs when Mr Carlson walks in and asks him “Do I hear dogs barking”

Dr.J: (long pause) “Yeah”

Mr C. : “Oh. OK.” (walks out looking confused)

Minor hijack:

Has Pink Floyd EVER recorded a song that could be remotely considered happy?

Most of the first album? Th eearly singles

A lot of the early stuff is very relaxed. Try “Grantchester Meadows”, “Fat Old Sun” and “Green is the Colour”. IMHO the depressing side came in when Roger Waters insisted on writing all the lyrics. Then have sounding tunes woudl still have depressing lyrics, for example “Free Four”.

Bah! My typing is AWFUL today. Here’s a second attempt.

Back when it was possible to fly a remote-contolled airplane over a stadium and then crash it into the stage?

my favorite? Hey You. that song, and birthday by the sugarcubes send chills down my spine every time.

but for brilliance, nothing can compare to ANY of the songs on the Wall with a guitar solo (read, about half of them) The guitar solos on the wall are not only amazing, they are transcendant. You can see a little bit of the universal in them. I like to think that if I were to study, and have all the time in the world that I would be able to come up with music at least as good as a lot of the stuff I hear, but the Wall makes me despair of ever remotely coming close to that.

Oh, I have and like all their studio albums (okay, i only like half of the Ummagumma, More, and Atom heart mother albums), but just like nothing can come even close to the haunting singing of Birthday (not even anything bjork has done since, nor even the cigarette-induced warblings of Richard Butler), nothing even that the floyd has done can come close to the brilliance of the Wall

God… so many to pick!! Pink Floyd is tied with Jethro Tull for my Favorite Bands of All Time, and I’ve seen them both in concert.

Time always gives me chills, as does Hey You and at least a dozen others. I really like the album Meddle a lot…

::shooting for some that haven’t received mention::

I have a live version of “One of These Days” which outshines all of the myriad studio versions, and I’d have to put it on the list.

“Summer '68” from Atom Heart Mother
“Time” from Dark Side of the Moon
“Chapter 24” from Piper at the Gates of Dawn
“Paintbox” from Relics (which implies that it was released previously in some other capacity)

Mr C: What orchestra is this?
Fever: Pink Floyd
Mr C: Oh that’s Pink Floyd? It’s very nice
Fever: …Gripping
Mr C: Do I hear dogs barking?
Fever: ummm I do

The one that I really love, that hasn’t been mentioned, is “Fearless”, on Meddle. And the entirety of Wish You Were Here.