The most disappointing dessert

According to this article, opened hot sauces should be refrigerated for peak flavor and freshness if not used within 6 months. So, if you have a lot of opened hot sauces, buy a second refrigerator! :smiley:

Hopefully my gf will never see this, but I’m going to mention crème brûlée. It is one of my gf’s specialties. She has a torch, special little dishes, the works. Her crème brûlée is the best I’ve ever had, but I’ve never really understood the fuss.


I use way too much.

My wife and I have often joked about having a separate condiment fridge. There’s gotta be like 30-40 bottles of stuff in there (not just hot sauces, but mostly hot sauces). It’s definitely worthwhile to keep them in there – I’ve had opened hot sauces go off or start tasting different with a different consistency after several months at room temperature.

(Who doesn’t finish a bottle of hot sauce in under six months?)

My dad did that at a diner once. He would do that at home, but not in public, but that one time he forgot where he was. The food smear was that good.

It was a plate that had held eggs and bacon though. Not raspberry or chocolate sauce.

He got the plate licking habit from being a Latvian displaced person (refugee) in World War II as a child. In wartime, you waste nothing concerning food.

I collect them more than I use them, so me for one.

We are considering that right now. At the moment we have an old fridge still running but it’s going away one way or another before long and our plan is to get a glass wine cooler to hold condiments, sauces, and wine.

A bottle, sure. 30 bottles? No. There are certain ones I cycle through in a month or less. Others are used more sparingly.

Yep, same here. Whenever we get a new hot sauce or condiment it’s like a puzzle trying to fit it in the fridge with all the others–“let’s see, I’ll move this shorter bottle to the shorter row so I can fit the taller one here…”

I certainly hope you’re not neglecting the possibilities offered by the vegetable crisper drawers!

My good sir, surely you’re not suggesting that I hide my hot sauces away in the crisper drawers, as if they were common vegetary staples such as celery stalks or heads of cabbage; fridge door racks, on the other hand, are ideal for the immediate visual edification of one’s hot sauce collection immediately upon opening.

No, I’m suggesting that you don’t waste available storage space.

I assure you, our refrigerator is a virtual Tetris game of unwasted space.

Good to know. Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:

Same here. No room in the crispers. We also have a counter depth fridge, so it’s got a little less room inside.

Ever since this junior engineer was tall enough to see over the edge of the counter, I was put in charge of the spritz cookie press, and became renowned for my perfectly formed, decorated and baked little Christmas trees and holly wreaths. No brown edges on mine! Some 50 years later, I realized that patching plaster was just the right consistency, and cranked out a bunch of ‘cookies’ to hang as ornaments. Apparently the hanging strings weren’t a good clue, and I got complaints about horrible taste, but ‘at least you didn’t burn them’,

I grew up getting salmiakki at Christmas. That stuff is delicious.

Lemon meringue pie is disappointing.

The “new” Hydrox were not anywhere close to the original cookies. I tried them, and they were not the same at all. Really disappointing.

Back when Marie Callendar’s had meringue on most of it’s non-double crust fruit pies, I’d have them scrape off the meringue and replace it with whipped cream (I only like crunchy meringue – soft meringue? Barf). I still do that with the lemon pie, but I usually just go for the lemon double cream pie instead. No waste.

You’re not alone. The only coffee-flavored thing I can tolerate is coffee.

Oh, I love coffee-flavored desserts. I’m always disappointed when the tiramisu doesn’t have enough coffee flavor!