The most fabulous weekend EVER!

My birthday was Sunday, the 26th.

My birthday weekend started out Friday night when my boyfriend Tom came over, with a spray of tiny roses and a bag of groceries in hand. He cooked giant hamburgers with swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms. Mmmm…mushrooms… We had had a long week and went to bed early.

We awoke early Saturday morning to rain. Oh no! We were supposed to be going to the Texas Renaissance Festival! We drank coffee and watched the weather reports. We decided the rain would be over by the time we got there, so we dressed and hit the road. We stopped at a couple of garage sales on the way. I found a couple of tiny baskets for a dime apiece. I’m a sucker for tiny baskets.

We arrived at the RenFest, go through the gates, and were greeted by a giant crack of thunder and a huge downpour! We intelligently had only brought one umbrella. We made it to an overhang, thankfully by the turkey legs. Mmmm…turkey legs… So we stood there and ate turkey legs. We eventually scooted down through the people and found the beer. Breakfast of champions! But by then, the coffee and the beer have made their way to my bladder. We ran out, through a small river, and found the bathrooms.

Eventually the rain stopped, and a most joyous time was had by all! Or at least, by we two. It was great fun! The crowds were thin, and the shows were funny, and the food was pretty good. Tom had never been, and it was fun to watch him looking at all the costumes! We saw jousting, juggling, two bawdy women singing bawdy songs, knights, Scotsmen, fairies, and The Village Idiot. He bought me a beatiful hand made windchime, made of hand blown glass and driftwood. AND he sang Happy Birthday to me, very loudly, VERY offkey, at odd times during the day. It was great!

At dusk, we slowly made our way to the car, arm in arm, and drove towards home. We stopped for dinner at The Original Pasta Co, and ate a fabulous meal. I had Shrimp Alfredo, and he had Chicken Parmigiano. Much staring into each others eyes and smiling.

Then onto a tiny little club with a live band. They played stuff like Van Morrison and ZZ Top. Tom asked me when I wanted to receive my present. I told him Sunday was fine, but whenever he wanted to! I was grinning of course. He said that I shouldn’t expect too much! That’s when I figured I wouldn’t be getting the bracelet I had asked for. I tried to keep smiling. He excused himself to go the the bathroom. When he came back he set a little white box in front of me. OMG!

I opened it, and inside was the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I looked at him and he said, “You make me so happy. I love you very much. Will you marry me?” I was almost speechless, but I squeaked out a yes, and held him, and cried a little.

On Sunday morning, we woke up, drank coffee, and read the paper. Midmorning, he took me out for breakfast. We went window shopping, then to the grocery store, then to Best Buy where he proceeded to buy a new freezer for us! Then back home, unloaded everything, and I started a chicken on to boil for chicken and dumplings while he set up the freezer. Then we went to our favorite little bar, and watched some football! Then back home again, finished up the chicken and dumplings, and ate.

We watched a little TV, then Tom went home to his apartment. But he’ll be moving in soon. His lease up Dec 1.
I had the best birthday weekend EVER!

Mazel tov!

It seems the hamsters have FORCED me to double post my good news. Could the mods please delete one or the other?

That’s so sweet! Congratulations!