This was a busy weekend

The title doesn’t do it justice! This past Friday night future mr. skittles and I went to a surprise 30th birthday party for one of our friends. It was a great time, at a great restaurant. We had good food, and company. I ‘participated’ a little too much in the open bar - but what can you do. Afterwards we stopped off at a local bar to say hi to some friends.

Now, I’ll skip forward to Sunday. Sunday we went to a christening for our friend’s second son. It was a nice ceremony, and he was the only child recognized that day. That was a bit unusual - but nice. We had a quiet little gathering at the Elks a few towns over. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Now, I’ll return to Saturday. Saturday morning (who am I kidding, I mean afternoon) we woke up and were a big sluggish. We went furniture shopping because we need a new living room set. We were at three different stores - standing and sitting and standing and sitting and standing…you get the picture. We found two that we liked, but didn’t buy either just yet. Then we go home.

Now, I want to take a quick little nap before we go out for the evening. Future mr. skittles decides to jump in the shower and get ready for going out that night. He never showers before me when we go out for the evening, but who knows! I lay down and our phone rings. Its our friend ‘M’ calling to say that he is trying to get in touch with someone (he is a karaoke DJ and one of his staff needed some CDs at another bar) and he couldn’t find anyone. He asked could we stop by the place he is at to drop some CDs off to the other bar. I said sure - not a problem! I joked with Future mr. skittles about it as ‘M’ has about 8 people working for him - and he had to have us do it. :slight_smile:

So - I am ‘hurried’ into getting ready. Wasn’t able to take my nap. :frowning: And rush through the shower and primping routine. We get to the place and we call to say we are outside. He tells us to go to the party room on the side as he is working a private party. WELL - who would have though…it was MY private surprise 30th birthday party!!! :eek: So, definitely surprised - and still a bit under the weather from the party the night before. And will DEFINITELY be feeling it at the christening on Sunday!

I had so much fun! It was such a good time. We danced, ate, sang karaoke…I had a blast! At the end of the night I drunkenly was trying to thank everyone for coming. I don’t think I thanked future mr. skittles at all - but I wanted to. My head was spinning from all the excitement and fun (and drinks.) But - it was a great time. I have great friends - and it was a blast to be able to celebrate with all of them!

OK - that was my weekend. whew I’m glad its Monday and I can rest at work!

That does sound like a weekend well lived, skittles. The one time I was targetted for a surprise birthday party, I pretty much figured it out in advance. (Still had a great time, though.) I love it that someone could still pull off a real surprise.

And now that you mention it, I had a pretty darn busy weekend myself.

Sounds like a very fun, although tiring weekend.
Happy Birthday, skittles!

Thanks guys!

I was surprised that he was able to keep it a surprise as well. The DJ said that they talked about three or four times a day for the past two weeks! That part makes me giggle because future mr. skittles HATES to talk on the phone!