My Favorite Thing I Did This Weekend Was . . . (Your Answers Wanted)

What was the favorite thing you did this weekend? Or thing you are most proud of, or thing you were glad to cross of your list, etc.

I’d love to hear about it!

One of the highlights of my weekend (and there were several) was finally getting some sort of decorating happening in my spare bedroom. My boyfriend helped me assemble a desk I bought and then we hung up a bunch of movie posters. It really looks awesome. The desk had been in a box in my downstairs hallway for a week or so, and the posters had been rolled up in tubes for over 3 years waiting for a home.

I finished painting an expensive resin model horse I bought several months ago… first time I have painted in a while. Pretty proud of him, he turned out nice.

Writing about a squirrel committing suicide.

Eating hot pineapple salsa with chips while sipping cold white wine on a back deck. While trying not to think about the squirrel that commited suicide.

I went to my high-school reunion! :slight_smile:

Went to a night of board-gaming and snacks at a friend’s house, and learned a new board game. Granted, I got my ass kicked, but I still had fun. :smiley:

Had some beers outside on Sunday with some friends, and listened to a crazy old guy describe the “flying squirrel” sex position.

I am simultaneously curious, and afraid to find out.

I love board games! What game was it?

We had board game night on Friday with the Geeks - there were about 17 of us in spite of the torrential rain.

I am in the same dilemna.

The Swarm. The board is covered with upside-down tiles, and you use your little boats and researchers to take the tiles, flip them to discover what is on them, and then put them back on the board in the configuration that gets you the most points. (Basically you are building a little path.) You also have to avoid tsunamis, whales, and the giant crab. It was a lot of fun!

The most fun thing was a Memorial Day BBQ with a bunch of friends–even though it was cold and windy.

The thing I’m most pleased with is 75% of a quilt top, destined for my SIL’s reading room.

I cleaned the shed! I was damn proud of it, since it had been REALLY MESSY and now everything is organized and on shelves.

Jealous! I am half-way to doing that with my upstairs closet. A lot of the aftermath of last year’s Geek Gala ended up in there and now I need to sort through and prepare it for this year’s donation piles.

Get this: I decided abruptly on Sunday morning the shed needed cleaning, so we got to work. Sunday night around 8 pm, I get a call from my landlord’s assistant saying he needed access to the shed. APPARENTLY a pipe had frozen and burst during the winter, and he needed to get in there for the repair. I was like, whew! Can you imagine if he had to go in there when it was all chaos?

Saturday - was wild, I went to pick up my kid from a sleepover and the old man who aswered the door was startled and claimed he had no idea where the girls were -wtf are you kidding me? It’s a desolate area, it freaked me out, I started interrogating him, where did they go, when did you see them last, he got all confused, which I thought was an act and then all kinds of crazy scenarios began to infiltrate my mind, sure to find their naked and broken bodies in the trunk of the burnt out pontiac in the front yard… I chase down his crazy story about them walking to the store miles and dirt road miles away, I am moments from calling the cops, my kid had texted me 10 minutes earlier “Pls pick me up now!!!” But the girls are nowhere to be found, where is the mother, the Gmother?? Turns out the old man is a stroke victime and had half his story right, he just forgot to tell me that the grandma gave them a ride to the store! my kid is not going back there again that is fo sure, it’s a crazy house… that was my least favorite thing ths weekend.

My favorite was either hanging on the front porch with gfriends during the driving rain storms on Sunday, or reclined all the way back in my lafuma for about 3 hours on Monday.

I organized my closet (well, partially), got the front flowerbeds in a reasonable order (but sunburnt the crap out of my shoulders in the process OW) and went to my brother’s darling new house in the country. Well, he just moved there, so it’s new, but it’s a more than 100-year-old farmhouse and there are horses, and llamas and everything.

His favorite thing was probably not slicing his finger open while chopping stuff for cole slaw, poor guy. But he was still a good host.

No fingers were consumed during the creation of this holiday weekend.

I went to the Cleveland zoo and saw the brand-new African Elephant Crossing exhibit yesterday. It was hot hot HOT but I adore elephants and had some free time, so it was worth it.

Coincidence? I think not.

I did a lot of fun stuff this weekend. I’m having difficulty thinking of what my favorite thing was, although going with my husband and kids to play the first mini golf game of the season yesterday ranks up there, despite the fact that it was uncomfortably hot.

ETA: The thing I am proudest of, sadly, is completing some work I had brought home over the holiday weekend. I’m not happy that I brought work home, but it’s a feeling of accomplishment to get 50 pages of work done.

My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah!

She was marvelous and made us so proud. Her hard work over this past year inspired us all The reception was a blast. What a great weekend.

We spent a lot of time soaking up the sun on our deck on Monday. Also, we took the kids to the park so they could expend some of their energy. Then it was back to the deck to fry out and listen to the Brewers game. Too bad they lost. :frowning:

On our way to do some kayaking, we saw a young pug frantically running along the road. We stopped, got the dog, and spent the rest of the weekend trying to locate the owners. Put a pic and info on Facebook, called all area shelters, etc.

We put away the kayaks and got out the pontoon boat. Took our three dogs, my son, the pug, and a case of beer out for a day on the water. Our dogs taught the pug to swim.

I just got a call from a local shelter. The owners called and ID’d the dog right down to a small scar on his belly and the fact that he was neutered. The owner was in an accident and the dog split. The owner is just out of the hospital and is relieved that CJ had a fun holiday weekend.

It was a learning experience as well. We put up signs where we found him reading, “FOUND: PUG” with our phone number. My gf answered the one/only call about the sign. The caller was happy someone found his dog and wanted to come pick it up. My gf said the dog was black and was a female (he’s a tan male). He said yep, that’s the one. Asshole.