The Most Interesting Man In The World is now...French?

That’s right, folks-French actor Augustin Legrand now holds the position of The Most Interesting Man In The World, and here is his first appearance.

Jonathan Goldsmith should take his head. There can be only one!

I figure if they are going to continue the campaign, they should have stuck with Goldsmith.

Dos Equis is looking to “contemporize” the wildly successful campaign.

I’m fine with it, he looks the part.

Agreed, he hits the right notes.

Since they put the original on a bus, er into space, he is no longer the most interesting man in the world. He’s now the most interesting man out of this world.

BTW, where is the strikeout button for text?

He, like me, looks like he got more than his 2% share of Neanderthal genes. :slight_smile:

I’m cool with a younger guy. As a geezer practically myself, I always thought Rev 0 was a tad on the old side. And now they can say: He can speak Spanish, in French!

{del} xxx {/del}

…with square brackets.


Yeah ok marketing people. He can pretend to be Hispanic so that will give you credibility for being authentic. Those are all words that seem to form a sentence so I’ll go ahead and think you’re smart.

Apparently, the original guy had a little trouble getting the role because they wanted a younger guy. His agent pointed out how ridiculous it would be to have a young guy as the most interesting man in the world.

How are you making the connection between “speaking Spanish to reach out to Hispanic customers” and “pretending to be Hispanic”?

Wendy’s is reportedly auditioning Millie Bobby Brown to play the new “Where’s the Beef?” lady.

How is a French guy speaking Spanish supposed to gain credibility for authenticity with millenials?

:: shrugs ::

You’d have to ask a millennial. I certainly feel like a Frenchman speaking Spanish is consistent with the ad campaign… why are you equating that with “pretending to be Hispanic”?

I don’t know. A commercial for a Mexican beer featuring a guy speaking Spanish? Just strikes me that’s what they’re going for.

But thinking about it, since he’s from France I would bet his Spanish is going to be a distinct European style that North American Hispanics would likely notice. Will/does he work to make it more Mexican?

Well, the previous actor was a Jewish guy from NYC who lived in Vermont, so it’s not like we have a pattern to follow.

He now writes at True Ink.

Am I being pedantic when I wonder how you can announce your new editor “emeritus” is joining the team?

As actors go, Augustin Legrand is quite interesting. He’s an eco- and social activist, founding and running a charity to support the homeless and getting himself elected as a regional councillor in France for one of the ecological parties.

I think having the most interesting man in the world drinking Dos Equis would have more impact if he weren’t Hispanic. Such a good beer that even a German prefers it (or apparently a Frenchman in this case).