The most valuable thing I ever read on a SD posting was...

Earlier today I read an SD posting which explained the function of an automobile’s ESC (Electronic Stability Control System) and when it should be shut off. I had never known any of this and I consider this information to be the most valuable thing I have ever read on an SD posting. What about you? What is the most valuable thing you ever read on an SD posting?

I’m sure I’ve learned a lot of more important things here, but right now I’m really digging my henna-ed hair.

That when I have a cold and I stand up, the clearing in my nasal passages isn’t due to there being less mucus then, but to the change in blood pressure in my head.

(I have some allergy issues right now. My stuffy head can only come up with that answer!)

Many years ago I was in a tough place about a decision I had made and posted a thread about it. Why was I feeling so bad if the choice I’d made was good for me? **Giraffe **pointed out to me that with every decision there are gains and losses. That making a decision to change means grieving for what you’re going to have to lose. I’d never had it put that way before, and had never even realized that of course there is ambivalence in every act, even good ones that move us forward.

I’ve never forgotten it. It really changed my thinking on the subject.

I believe it was here on the Dope that I first heard the phrase “Don’t stick your dick in the crazy.”

That is some seriously sound advice, right there.

I was happy to learn that other people had sleep paralysis (didn’t know what it was called then) and that changing my sleeping position would help.

I can’t think of one off the top of my head but I’ve learned all kinds of stuff from auto mechanics, and computer software experts.

This is what I was going include as well…

I’m female, and being able to offer up this piece of advice to male friends having problems with their women has been priceless. :smiley:

The most valuable thing I’ve ever read here was about same-sex couples. It was because of what I read here that I changed my opinion to become a staunch supporter of GLBT rights.

I don’t think it was actually here, but a Doper once told me something that gave me a new perspective on things. I had decided I wanted to make some changes in my life, go back to school to get a masters degree, but I was worried that I had waited too long to do so, that I had passed my window of opportunity.

She told me “You’re going to get old anyway. Do you want to be doing something you want to do, or something you hate?”

She was right. True, I’m a little older than most of my classmates in my grad program, but I’m much happier than had I not made those changes.

ETA: OH and speaking of grad school, Dopers were super, super helpful when I was trying to decide what grad program to go to. I really appreciate the help some people gave in assessing my priorities.

Easy one. It would be all 6 pages of blinkie’s thread, by a mile.

How to set up a network printer with a mystery IP address

How use the F11 hey on an HP netbook to recover the OS installation

Some threads made me realize that people who I thought led fabulous lives (like some gay guys) led pretty much the same mundane workaday life I did, except they liked cock.

Some of the horror stories about involuntary institutionalization some dopers have told, opened my eyes to how delicate freedom is and how much we take it for granted.

Doper links helped me find some electronic parts.

It was something ChiefScott said a long time ago about pubic hair:

“Trimmed or shaven: good. Yeti: bad.”


I dunno.

I learned some great recipes here, especially for pan-frying.

I don’t know if it was the most valuable thing I’ve ever learned here but I found the advice of clearing malware out of my PC very useful a few weeks ago. It worked better than any of the advice I got elsewhere.

Pie is always welcomed. Even by diabetics.

The neti pot. Learned it here.

Only one thing? How to cold brew iced coffee. I had to switch to decaf because that stuff was so good I’d drink it like water.

I’m seriously trying to think what’s the biggest thing I learned here. It was more of an un-learning thing, but I shed a lot of victimish, drama-llama, emo, ‘nice guy’ parts of my personality here over time, so I’m sure y’all get part of the credit for that.