The Mr. T Thread, if you got time for the jibber-jabber.

Do you pity the fool?

Do you await the day when he shaves off that mohawk and stops wearing his weight in gold or do you think he’ll stay Mr. T til he croaks?

Did his adminitions to “Stay in school, don’t do drugs, drink milk!” change your life? Will you start dialing 1-800-COLLECT now that Mr. T tells you it’s cool?

Do you prefer the A-Team or the animated Mr. T series? Do you think he stays in character all the time?

This is the thread for Mr. T related opinions, moments, debates, and criticisms.

I was watching Entertainment Tonight one Saturday, and it was a “Where are they now?” episode. One of the subjects was Mr T, and I never realized he has cancer now. I only caught part of it, so I don’t know how serious it is.

Down here in the South, Mr T does some pimping for a Title Loan company on TV. I must have missed his 1-800-COLLECT commercials, but that’s ok, since I’d rather watch Alysa Milano as Eva Save-a-lot. :wink:
[sup]“I ain’t lettin’ that fool Murdoch ride in my van if he keep talkin’ to an invisible dog!”[/sup]

I pity da foo’ who don’t like T!

I saw him at the San Diego Comic-Book Convention several years back. He gave me his autograph and rubbed my head. He said red hair was good luck.

Of course–afterwards he got cancer.

But he didn’t die! So maybe there is something lucky in my hair. :slight_smile:


(Ashy has been drinking his milk ever since he was a little boy.)

(Ashy considers selling his own hair. He’d probably make more money then he is now.)

(Ashy’s mind is wandering. Needs sleep.)

-.- . z Z Z

I like Robert Smigel’s “SNL” cartoons which feature Mr. T. He mangles his feel-good slogans (“Don’t do school, stay in milk!” and such). In fact, his primary slogan is “I need WORK!”

i’ll never forget the picture in newsweek back in the day, the year when mr t spent christmas at the white house with ronnie and nancy, the picture wuz of mr t sittin in a chair in front of the white house christmas tree and nancy is sitting on his lap. repeat: nacy reagan sitting on mr t’s lap.

anybody remember eddie murphy doin mr t? ‘im mr t! im lookin for my boy, e! e t!’

who been eatin’ T’s chili?

Not me, I had some tasty Mr. T cereal …

One of the best commercials I’ve ever seen was for the Oregon state lottery. It starts with a shot of a trailer rocking back and forth, with the announcer saying “Announcing the latest in reality TV shows … It’s (cut to the inside of the trailer, where Mr. T is jumping up and down shaking the trailer) ‘Who wants to spend 30 days in a trailer with Mr. T?’” . Various shots of Mr. T interacting with the contestants, who have to live through it all.

I found it at under something like “Mr. T lottery” Probably at least 6 months old by now.
"Shut up, fool! Mr. T gonna be Torvald! "

Ah, Mr. T.

Who here actually owns a copy of Mr. T’s after-school special entitled “Mr. T: Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool”? Nobody? I do, and it’s one of the worst thing you’ll ever see. It’s full of helpful topics, like how to deal with anger, how to dress in bad eighties clothing, and how to breakdance. It’s even got a segment dealing with peer pressure featuring, you guessed it, New Edition. And have you heard Mr. T rap?

Okay, well that’s sort of out there. So who’s read the Mr. T autobiography “Mr. T: The Man With The Gold”? Anybody? Well I owned that too, until a “friend” stole it from me. That book is filled with useful Mr. T knowledge, such as the real deal with those combat boots and the details of T’s upbringing in the 'hood. It also shares where the “Mr.” in Mr. T came from.

Maxim magazine gives out a golden Mr. T award. TVLand marketed a Chia Mr. T. TVLand also syndicates the A-Team. Clubber Lang predicts pain. Did I mention the first Wrestlemania?


And if you want to see a Mr. T cereal cameo, go watch “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”.

mags, in case I ain’t said so before, you’re one of the good ones.

For all my Mr. T needs, I visit There, I marvel at Mr. T’s adventures in positivity, as transmitted via sequential art. And there, I thrill to Mofo Rising’s aforementioned Mr. T video. (Look there! It’s Bobby Brown! And Ricky Bell! And Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe! Oh, and little Ralphie Tresvant! And who’s that there swimming up behind the pier? Oh you know that’s Johnny Gill! He’ll rub you the right way, child!)

The great lesson I learned from the Mr. T cartoon was that if you’re a poorly-animated gymnast, you shouldn’t brag to the waitress at the diner, because you know damn well the bad guys hang out at the diner, and they’ll use the sensitive information they glean from your overheard bombast against Mr. T and the rest of your poorly-animated gymnast friends, you incredible dolt.

Oh my god, I love you guys…those links!

Weeping with laughter,

can be found here.

I didn’t even know he was up for the part!

hey mofo, when me and my pals were in college, we hadda copy of mr t’s autobiography. wed get really stoned and read to each other out of it, in our best mr t voices. thinkin about it still makes me laugh.

Welcome to jealousy city, population, you guys.

Guess who lives in his TOWN! Biotch!

Mr. T, the one, the only, has a house up here in brookline, massachusetts. Whenever we remember that, me and my friends want to go camp out on his lawn, and see if we can maybe spot him, but apparently his name in the phone book isn’t listed under T, Mr.

Dammit… someday I will. I really wanna see him!

Who has the link to the Mr. T browser thing where it selectively puts “T-isms” in place of actual web content? I’ve been looking for it everywhere.

Alright, I’ve got one. Who here owns Mr. T: Toughest Man on Earth? My friend from work owns it, and brought it in to watch in the store one day. Customers tried to rent it. He laughed and told them it was a private copy. Heh.

I ain’t afraid to fly, and I ain’t afraid of no monkies, neither.

Location: The Loop, Chicago, IL
Time: c. 1992

Riding along with my parents we see an expensive car (can’t remember what it was, maybe a Mercedes) with the liscense plate like T-12. We start to pass the car and wouldn’t you know it, Mr. T is at the wheel, mohawk and all. And yes, he was wearing a fair amount of jewelry (read: gold).

brookline! i didnt know mr t wuz jewish! (insert just-kiddin-face emoticon here)

I can’t help thinking that if Mr. T could have joined the Ogakor tribe, that things on Survivor would be very different now :smiley:

Anyone mind if I hijack that line for my sig?

You’ll have to take that up with T.

“You’re right, Marge. This is just like that time I could have met Mr. T at the mall. The entire day I kept telling myself ‘I’ll go a little later. I’ll go a little later.’ And when I finally got there, they told me he had just left. And when I asked the mall guy if he was ever coming back, he said he didn’t know. Well I’m never gonna’ let something like that happen to me again!”
-Homer Simpson

Check out a little movie called Freaked for Mr. T as the Bearded Lady.

My favorite Mr. T role was as Clubber Lang. Man, did he lay a whuppin’ on Rocky. My favorite part of the A-Team is when he swore up and down he wouldn’t fly, and his reaction when he awoke from his drugged state. Heh, heh. I’ve heard rumor of an A-Team reunion movie, starring Mr. T himself. I’ll post the thread when I stumble across it again.

SwimmingRiddles wrote:

Ask, and you shall receive:

You’d think he’d have gotten wise, eventually, wouldn’t you? But every episode, it was, “I ain’t gettin’ on no plane, Hannibal!”
“Here, B.A., eat this cheesburger.”
And then he wakes up on a plane with Murdoch doin’ some damn fool thing off to stage left. Like clockwork.