the MTV credits trifecta

Back in the early 80’s when MTV used to show nothing but videos, when my brother and I were younger, we had a sort of joke about something we called the “MTV Credits Trifecta.” You’ll recall, of course, that the credits at the beginning and end of each video would appear this way (maybe they still do) :

“Song Title”
Album Title
Record Label

The “trifecta” referred to videos where the first three lines of text would read exactly the same. That is, the name of the band, song, and album were identical. I am trying to remember what some of these were. They obviously weren’t too common, but there were enough of them that made us notice and give this phenomenon a name.

So far I’ve remembered the following examples that I’m sure of: Iron Maiden and Living in a Box. There have got to be more, no? Black Sabbath qualifies but probably doesn’t count since I don’t think there was a video for that song.

There was something so–I don’t know, symmetrical, I guess–about seeing the elusive trifecta. Can you help jog my memory?

Ooh, and I just remembered another one–Icehouse.

I remember the band “Talk Talk” had a hit (maybe their only) with a tune called “Talk Talk”. It’s being played in a cell phone commercial inmy area lately. I can’t say if the album was also called “Talk Talk”, completing the trifecta.

OK, I think “Talk Talk” was on an album called “The Party’s Over”, so it doesn’t apply.

Arrgh!! Maybe it does count, I did find a “talk talk” album called “talk talk” with the song “talk talk”.

Bad Company did “Bad Company” on Bad Company

What about Big Country?

“Visage,” maybe?

Living In A Box

I think Big Country’s song was called “**In a ** Big Country,” wasn’t it? I could be wrong.

Bad Company is a good one.

Visage I’ve never heard of.

And yes, Living in a Box was one, as the first post said. :slight_smile:

Bibliophile, the Big Country song was actually titled “In a Big Country” so it wouldn’t count.

Well, I tried.