The Muppets are coming, The Muppets are coming [The Muppet Show to Disney+]

The Muppet Show (the Classic) is finally coming to Disney+. February 19th is what I’m seeing. I’m hearing all 5 seasons.

I’m pretty happy this is happening.

Eh, I hear it’ll all just be reruns.

from Chronos: WALDORF: Eh, I hear it all just be reruns.

STATLER: I didn’t like it the first time I saw it!’’


I was disappointed when Disney+ started and didn’t have The Muppet Show. This is fixing something that I saw as broken all along.

Yay! Next stop, The Jim Henson Hour, Muppets Tonight, and new Fraggle Rock! Maybe! Depending on rights and stuff…

Where o where have the SNL muppets gone?
O where o where can they be?

My kids love the Muppets. They really enjoyed the original Muppet Movie and a few weeks ago we watched Muppet Christmas Carol. I don’t know if that’s the best Muppet film but there’s a solid argument that it’s the best adaptation of the Dickens book.

I told them the original Muppet show would be coming to Disney+, and they both got really excited.

So now I’m looking forward to explaining who Charles Aznavour was and why he was famous enough to be a guest host.

Wait till you get to Bruce Forsyth and Chris Langham.

Doo doo do do do

Waldorf: I’m thrilled that The Muppet Show is exclusively on Disney+.
Statler: Really! Why is that?
Waldorf: Because I don’t have a subscription!


I saw this news last night after everyone else had gone to bed. So there was no whooping to be had.

This morning, on the other hand…

I know that there were some releases on DVD, but I’m still wondering what the rights issues (to the content in a given show, I mean) are, if any. And if that means any content will be missing. Also, I find it hard to believe some of those guests were relevant even in the 1970s.

Not all of them were, especially the first season. The Muppet Show was done on a shoestring. No network backing. Filmed in England to save money. Many guests (most I think) 1st season were friends with Henson.

It’s time to play the music!!!

It’s time to light the lights.

Yes, some of the content on the seasons 1-3 DVDs was taken out due to music licensing issues. And seasons 4 and 5 have never before been released on home video.

Hopefully we get the full versions.

Bumping as now only 10 days away.

It isn’t easy being green.