Where is the Muppet Show?

Boy do I miss the Muppet show. Is it out there in syndication? Why not? I would really like to catch some old episodes.

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Word. That was one cool show.

It was on the Disney Channel just recently. Did they take it off of there?

If you ever get a chance to see some of the earliest episodes, before Muppets became famous, it’s worth it. They were insane back then, lapsing into incoherancy, but god it was funny!

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Rhythmdvl - go to the above - in the upper right hand corner of the page is a little “search” button. You tell it the show, then you tell it your zip code, and the way you get your TV (cable, antenna, etc.) and other stuff, and it should tell you when it will be on. Let me know what you find…

It’s on the Odyssey Channel. Weeknights at 6. Tonight they have Liza.

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Oh, man, I miss the Muppet Show.

I need cable so I can watch it again.

I have recently read that there are plans to revive the Muppet Show. Kermit and Miss Piggy may be back on your TV screens before you know it.

For a touch more detail, Odessey (formerly a christian family channel) was jointly purchased by Henson Entertainment and Hallmark. As a result, the programming remains family-oriented but consists now of lots of Henson movies and shows as well as Hallmark specials and the like.

IIRC, Brian Henson wants his company to retain as many rights to the original show as possible, even to the point of pulling it off the air completely again. At this point there are no plans to sell the show back to Nickelodeon or a third-party syndicator.


I wanna see the Spike Milligan episode again. I saw it once when it first ran and it blew my little pre-adolescent mind. I need closure here. :smiley:

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Luckily, I recorded all 120 epsiodes when it was shown on TNT back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

Other great moments: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew invents some sort of milking machine, Beaker (one of my favorite Muppets (Muppet: a cross between a mop and a puppet :slight_smile: ) gets hit hair caught in it and comes out with a curly 'do to which the good doctor says: "Why, Beaker, you look hauntingly attractive this evening.) LOL!!!

Brian Henson doesn’t have a whole lot of say in the Muppets anymore. They’ve recently been sold, lock stock and copyright barrel, to a German TV company. Yes, the Muppets and Henson productions have been sold.

Brian claimed that turning the company over to someone else will give him and the crew a chance to focus on creating instead of business. We’ll see.

Muppet flashback:
Some Muppet bonking the heads of some little fluffy ball Muppets while they said “Oh! E! Oh! Ah! Ah!” to the tune of Witchdoctor. If I saw that again, I could die happy. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

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andros, Suzeanne is correct, the rights to the Muppet Show were sold to a German company, and I read (I believe in the LA Times) that this company plans on producing new muppet shows.

Of course, it might never happen.

Trumpy you did not!!! Really??? What I gotta do to wrangle a copy of the Spike show outta you?? Huh??

All I wanna do is to thank you, even though I don’t know who you are…

The Muppephone.

The zaniest episode I ever saw (and that’s saying something) was the Chris Langham one.

And if you don’t know Chris Langham (and few people do) then you’ve missed out bigtime!

(By the way, there’s a sub-group of Muppet fans campaigining for the whole series to be released on DVD)

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  1. Supposedly, the German company is interested in reviving the original episodes back on television. So, there’s some hope!

  2. I don’t quite get how Brian could sell the Muppets, though…didn’t Jim sell the rights to Disney? You’ll recall that his poor health was brought on by fatigue from running himself ragged in dealings with Disney. Later, the Hensons sued Disney and won for Disney overstepping the limits placed upon their (partial) rights and (limited) usage of the Muppets.

Did Disney sell off to Brian and Brian to this German company?

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Just a footnote: Yes, I know you’re saying that Jim Henson died of “walking pneumonia”, but fatigue was the first weak link in the chain of events…

“They’re coming to take me away ha-ha, ho-ho, hee-hee, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time… :)” - Napoleon IV

Well, damn. The German company is EM.TV & Merchandising AG.

The press release in fact notes that Brian wants to stick to the creative side of things and will be Chairman of the company.

Thanks, folks. I’m off to sulk for a while.


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