The Muppet's, Name that tune help?

The Muppet’s, Name that tune help?

The background is dark, with only two dancing tubes in the foreground dancing to music.

The ending has the tubes straightening out and firing a cannon like shot at each other.

For some reason I keep thinking the tune is Tequila by the Champs. I cannot find the episode on YTube though. It always brings up Mahna Mahna.

Am I mistaken that this isn’t a Muppet Show thing? Anyone remember the Title so I can try to bring it up on YouTube?

Thank you in advance for any and all help.

The tune is “Java” by Allen Toussaint, performed by trumpeter Al Hirt.

Jim Henson and Frank Oz also performed the sketch on various other programs, including the Ed Sullivan Show:

That is it! Thank you very much. I don’t know where Tequila wound up in the mix. I get an itch to find this old stuff from my childhood and even washed out mixed up I can usually connect the dots enough to search it out.

Now all I have to do, Is remember this thread, maybe link to the video.
Greatly appreciated Q.Q.Switcheroo, Thank you.

I owe you a “Thank You,” too, Switcheroo for supplying the title of that tune; I know I’ve heard it everywhere for the past 50-or-so years and for some reason everyone I know told me it was called Electric Rickshaw. :roll_eyes:

Brits of a certain age will know Java as the closing theme to the TV show Vision On.