What is this Muppets song?

A gruff-voiced Muppet “male” sings something that sounds like, “Munumina,” and some “female” backup singers reply in falsetto, “Doo doo didoodoo.” Repeat several times. Then the “male” goes off on an extended jazz riff on that theme, wandering off into the background, before he realizes the girls are waiting patiently for him. He hurries back and repeats, “Munumina,” to which they respond as they had earlier. No actual word is ever sung. It’s a bit of musical fluff.

I’m not sure this novelty song originated with the Muppets, but I think they popularized it, either in the late Sixties or early Seventies. You’d know it if you heard it, I’ll bet. Forgive my poor phonetic transcription of it, and thanks for your help.

Mah Nà Mah Nà.

And the Muppet version: You Tube link.

A parody,ROFLMAO is here. It’s effing hysterical, or maybe that’s just me…

You beat me.

Incidentally, I’ve always “read” that sketch differently. The poor little redheaded guy is trying desperately to break out of the stifling pink conformity represented by the 'Doo doo da doo doo" creatures by improvising jazzy riffs on his assigned part in the sketch. The pink creatures keep dragging him back into line, no matter how far he tries to run. It’s a sad little ‘1984’ world in that sketch in my head, let me tell ya…

Eh, it doesn’t hold a candle to Muppet Hunter D.

I’m also fond of this Muppet self-parody. Phenomenon

ETA: jayjay, your view of the sketch is much the same as mine.

ETAETA: And how many people had their HS science teachers going on about “Manometer. Doododidoodoo”?

The first time I saw the song preformed was on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Of course you know of our own Doper, Mahna Mahna!

I don’t understand how anyone can be on the SDMB for this long, surrounded by geeks of every kind, and not be vividly clear (even by osmosis) on the Muppets’ most famous signature song.

Great - thanks, everybody!

You’re old.

Do doo do doo doo.

Yup–I always felt for jazzy dude and his rage against the doodoo moo cows…

They also did a version of the song in The Office (UK) as the opening scene to the second series:


Love it when Brent (Ricky Gervais) joins in.

No one posted this one yet. Lesser known, but funny if you’re a Steeler fan.



From Wikipedia:


I love the way the “Mahna Mahna” guy’s little eye… things… blink and furrow so expressively. Kermit was a bit too mild and down-to-earth to embody Henson’s wilder side, but that little proto-Dr. Teeth guy with the hippie beard and hair vest does nicely.

The earlier version performed on Sesame Streetwas a lot more disturbing. You can just smell the bong water.
“Hey, Frank! I’ve got a great idea! Remember that weird porn soundtrack I found? I was thinking that we could have some Muppets sing it on the show! Two of them could be little girls, and one of them would be the most perverted-looking little hairy deviant imaginable!”

“Jim… for Christ’s sake, this is a kid’s show, Jim…”
Henson, you magnificent furry freak. You were gone too damn soon.

I confess, I thought this versionwas pretty funny too.

Obama Nom

Cool, I’m glad you included that link, Terrifel, because I could’ve sworn it was a Sesame Street bit rather than Muppet Show. Mainly because the latter wasn’t something I watched very often – I was about ten when it premiered – but I definitely recall loving this skit as a kid.