The Murdoch Mysteries Season 8 Episode 18

I believe this episode was the season finale and it’s already aired. However, for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it yet, I’ll put spoiler tags in this post.

[spoiler]Murdoch came close to being done in, but the most interesting part of the episode for me was that Constable Crabtree got arrested for murder. There were a few things going on in the preceding episodes and, of course, this episode to make me wonder what Crabtree’s doing. It seems to me that these are the possible choices for what happened (which we’ll find out next season):

[list=a][li]He actually did in Edna’s returned husband for the abuse hubby inflicted on Edna and her son, or[/li][li]Crabtree gave a pistol to Edna so she could protect herself, Edna then killed her husband, and Crabtree covered that up and is, thus, trying to protect her.[/li][li]The son did in the father and both Edna and Crabtree are covering up that fact.[/list][/li]
Which choice do you think will win out? Or perhaps you have another?

Vote for Simon.

zoogirl: I didn’t even think of that possibility until I was previewing my post above! Any idea what the state of Canadian jurisprudence was at the time? I wonder what penalty Simon would likely have faced had this case actually happened then.

B and C are my thoughts. The most likely is C, considering the scene in the episode, and the legal conclusion it could lead to for a happy ever after (of sorts), but it may be the writers haven’t decided which option they’re going with.

I don’t think it was A, though, as the series couldn’t continue after something like that.

I really love how they mix the dark and real with the whimsical and anachronistic in Murdoch Mysteries. To get the balance right so consistently is really impressive. Such a great show.

Hope this isn’t considered a zombie thread but I just finished watching season 8 and I think there might be an option d.

In the second to last episode of the season when George and Edna said their goodbyes there was man watching them. Now it could have been Edna’s husband who then later in a jealous rage gave Edna a beating but I think there might be someone else. It’s highly suspicious that the husband just suddenly re-appears out of nowhere with no good explanation. He was probably involved with something really illegal the army that got him killed. The killers then use the love triangle to hide their involvement and get George to take the fall by threatening to hurt Edna and Simon.

If Edna, or Simon, was the killer one would think George would confess so no suspicion falls on them. By saying nothing he’s following the real killer’s orders while at the same time compelling Murdoch to investigate further.

Just finished Season 7, but it looks like the Season 8 DVDs are out. Going to check on Netlfix - plus check out the web episode mentioned in the Wiki entry.

And the verdict is


I have to say I’m not that pleased with how this was resolved and not only because my theory was wrong. Are we supposed to just accept that George immediately jumps to the conclusion that Edna shot her husband without at least talking to her for longer than five seconds. The whole thing felt very contrived to keep the status quo. I’m thinking they’ll do something similar to the coroner lady (I’m bad with character names) to keep her in Canada and the show.

I did like the scenes in the prison with George investigating with the former inspector. They had good chemistry together.

Just saw the last show from season 8 last night, and I guessed right.