And the killer is.......drum roll, please.....

Final episode of season two of The Killing is tonight. I’ve stuck with this turkey to the bitter end, so this had better not be an Agatha-Christie-some-guy-you’ve-never-seen-before-killer type of deal.

There have been so many red herrings, they could open a fish market, including, I’m willing to bet, the revelations from the last episode, wherein

A key card from the candidate’s staff was found in the casino

This was all too obvious, so it has to be bullshit.

I was so disappointed in the lack of both quality and resolution in season 1 that I haven’t watched a second of season 2. I’ll be checking online later to hear who the killer is.

We may not tell you, just to force you to rent the DVD. Mwa-hahahahaha!

I object to this characterization of Ms. Christie’s endings. Even if it was done a time or two I can’t recall at the moment, it certainly wasn’t enough to make this a defining characteristic. Hell, I think it’s more of a feature of modern so-called “mysteries” than any classic. But that’s a whole other rant, and one I’ve already given before, so I’ll stop now.


Our long national nightmare is almost over.

Actually, I kind of enjoyed this show. I liked the actors. It probably won’t be back next year, so y’all can relax, it’s almost over.

I have enjoyed the last part of the second season, watching Officer Crazy Pants descend into real obsession with the case instead of the usual “Oh dad didn’t come to my soccer game so he is too wrapped up in work” - no, she has literally shipped the kid off to focus on the dead girl. Using the tool of the psych ward was obviously over the top to get her to back down, but let’s face it - girlfriend could use some more therapy.

If it turns out to be the ex-husband/bio-dad or something like that I will be so pissed.

And the winner is…


Now what are they going to do with the other 45 minutes?

For reals? That’s who I thought it was. But it’s not over yet…

Turns out,

Mitch’s sister actually sent the car into the lake, without knowing who was in the trunk. She was having an affair with Ames, who owned the construction company that was building on the waterfront site. Ames was in cahoots with Jamie to plant Indian bones on site. Jamie called him because he needed help disposing of the body, and the sister was with him.

So how did Rosie end up dead and in the trunk?

There was a flashback to the scene on the floor where renovations took place. Jamie had a secret meeting with Ames and Indian lady-chief. As he was last to leave, Rosie’s cell phone rang deep in the dark of the floor. He confronted her and then her video camera fell on the floor. Jamie lost it and hit her hard. She fell unconscious. She managed to get to the woods but Jamie followed her and then gave her a vicious beating. He put her in a trunk and then met with Ames near the lake. As Jamie was trying to convince Ames to “take care” of it because Rosie saw everything, for Ames the whole situation went in a wrong direction and he wanted no part of it; he was undoing his whole involvement and the reason for it. As he was reneging on the whole deal (i.e. he will have his own “deal” and make his own money with Indian lady-chief and then he will leave his wife and get on with Terry). As she was sitting in the car, Terry felt an urge to keep her promise of a future life intact and she just goes out of the Ames’ car and puts Jamie’s car – the campaign car – into drive gear and the car with Rosie in trunk, still alive goes under water. She had no idea who was in the trunk – all she knew is that whoever it is has jeopardized her future and she was determined to resolve it.

I must say the scene when Stan and Mitch finally hear what happened to Rosie and who was responsible was one of the most gut-wrenching scenes on TV in a while.

Another memorable scene was Jamie’s personality unwinding with Richmond. So was realizing the lessons learned by Richmond the next day as he started working as a mayor.

Also, I’d say that the resolution felt real, it had to do with people in various complex states of minds and it was worth it.

Anybody know if they’re going to try to put this show on life support and churn out another season (with a different murder?).

She wasn’t dead when the car went under.