The Music from Trinity and Beyond

Does anyone know the name of the piece used extensively in Trinity and Beyond? It’s operatic and sounds similar to O Fortuna. It was used typically during scenes of bomb tests.

I asked the same question in my X2 thread, but I’m hoping a reference to T&B will bring out more posters. (It was used in an X2 commercial here in Canada).

I do not believe its the piece “Thor Missiles” as was suggested in the other thread; this was more background incedental music used throughout the show.

Do you mean the one used over the Chinese tests at the end? Not that I know what it is, but it is very distinctive.

Apparently the soundtrack is OOP, and I no longer have the DVD, but IIRC, all of the music is an original composition for the film, and not a pre-existing work used in the film.

Yes, it is the music used when showing the Chinese tests near the end, with the troops running towards the explosion.

William Stromberg, it seems:

Play “China Gets the Bomb.” Is that the song?