The Mutt's A Daddy!

That’s right! Just a few weeks ago my wolf hybrid’s breeding bitch threw a litter of four pups (with one of them stillborn).

I am so chuffed! The bitch’s owner came over to give me the female just a few minutes ago. Sadly, not only do I have Jack Batty’s dog here with me, but I don’t want to take possession of an animal related to my hound (who I still want to breed some more).

Therein lies the rub. Soooo, are there any San Francisco bay area dopers who are interested in a wonderful five week old nut brown female with a cute white blaze down her nose? I visited four of my neighbors and none of them are able to adopt the puppy. I am so sad that I can’t place her in my neighborhood.

Anyway, drop me an email if you are interested in this little bundle of joy. She will probably grow to be 1½ feet at the shoulder and weigh about 30-40 pounds.

::hands out pink cigars::

Dang. If I was in a situation to take a puppy, I would so do it in a heartbeat. She sounds like a cutie.

Yeesh! Give me a heart attack, why don’t you. I thought you were going to say that Daisy-Dog’s spaying didn’t take and your stud-wolf knocked her up. Not that they would have the most adorable young-un’s, but still.

Whew! That’s a load off my mind.

And give the proud papa a scratch on the ears for me.

I’m am once again in the stoked-like state.

I approached the remaining candidate on my list of neighbors and he accepted the pup sight unseen. I am so delighted that I’ll be able to witness the growth of Zen’s offspring. They have lots of animals and I’ve known them for years. All of their kids love to play with Zen so the parents had no qualms with the part-wolf aspect.

She is nut brown with four boots, a blaze down her nose, a splash on her chest, a star at the top of her ree (mane) and a micro tip on her tail, all in white. She also has a tiny black mask. The pup was friendly from the outset. She wags her tail and will approach people with the slightest encouragement. Her even tempered mien and good disposition are the sweetest part of all. Everybody is happy with her. Since my friend’s wife is a Pinay, the pup will probably be named “Gloria”, after the new president of the Philippines.

I will do my best to get some photos online soon. Needless to say, Zen is lined up for the next stud session.

::Zen does the happy dance::