The Name My Band Contest

For Twenty Minutes or Just Once


The Pony Party. Everybody loves a Pony Party!

Ok, I’ve been reading too much Lemony Snicket.

Kato and the C-Listers:slight_smile:

Pine Plank Pickers
Fielder’s Square
Trumped Up

Here’s a few that I usually post to threads like these. (One of these days there will be a band named Chicken Coop Hot House!)

Stump Shaker (or Stump Shakin’)
Chicken Coop Hot House
Bailing Wires
The Bottles

I am heading out for meetings and rehearsal, wherein I will show everybody the list of names offered to date.

I have a feeling we’re gonna let this go for a week, to really get as big a list as possible to choose.

Many thanks to all who have contributed thus far, and please do keep 'em coming.

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Pickin’ and Grinnin’
The Pike County Exchange
Renfro Valley
The Coal Crackers

Picker Knows

Foggy Mountain Rehab

Arthur Fiddler and the Bustin’ Chops Orchestra

Itty Bitty Shirt Band (a tribute and a costume design, all in one!)

Johnny Debitcard (First there was Cash, then there was Paycheque; now…)

Mountain Railway (theme song thrown in)

Porch Pickers (from your sig!)

Well, here’s my first try…how 'bout…GuiBanjoLin

This name contains elements of at least some of your instruments:



You can’t recycle Chicken Coop Hot House; didn’t Bruce_Daddy settle on that one for his band? :dubious: :stuck_out_tongue:

Never mind, I guess he didn’t actually pick it so much as like it without using it :wink:

If you can’t use The Great Divide, there’s Across the Great Divide

How about the…

Ozark Bluegrass Band or the

Bluegrass Brigade or the

Appalaichan Sensation or the

No Fear Mountaineers or the


Nope, but it was definitely a front runner. See sig.


I forgot to play.

Black Balsam
Shining Rock Experience
New 98s (get it?..nevermind)
Mountain Lake Retreat
Perpetual Line Steppers/Perpetual Line Crossers
The 2nd Coming

Detatchable Jesus. From this thread.

I really like this one, for some reason. Like you’re skipping obscurity and heading right towards the top, all the way to being reborn through rehab. (Kidding, kidding.)

My suggestions:

The Moonshine Review
Sweet Creek Singers – Though there is a Strange Creek Singers, so maybe not.
Balm in Gilead
Kissing Cousins – It’s an Elvis movie!
Owl Creek Bridge – Awesome Ambrose Bierce short story.
The Family <generic last name>(No Relation)
The Old Homestead

Uncle Dad
In The Pines
Banjo Deliverance
The Long Black Veil
Thunder Road
The Scrapplers
Moonbeam McSwine

Mayonnaise Bitch
Licking Hole
Butt Funnel
L.I.M.B. (Lesbians In Men’s Bodies)
Strikes Black
Snick Paprika