The Name My Band Contest

I was looking at your profile and saw “good grass,” and thought immediately, Good Grass Almighty.

Methinks I would really dig your band. I fell in love with bluegrass after going to college in West Virginia… Luckily I live close to some awesome venues that host great bluegrass bands. This Friday, I’m going to see The Hackensaw Boys, ever heard of 'em? They’re awesome.

I like it, but the problem would be the proximity to the very established (and very wonderful) Yonder Mountain String Band.

A few more…
The Grazers
The Star Grazers
Salvador’s Deli

W-what? Nobody fell in love with Skull Bone Ten?

Don’t tell me you’re actually quibbling about the fact your group doesn’t have ten members or anyone from Skullbone…? Oh, rough and ready thunderation. What a time to get hung up on unnecessary details. That’s part of y’all’s new hook. Use it.

Well, fine. Charles Monroe Schultz spent fifty years cartooning a wildly successful strip he never liked the name of neither. If you’re gonna ignore GOLD, be my guest. Y’all could do worse and the fact that y’all are most evidently hell-bent on doing so makes no matter to me. (Great Divide? Pftttth. That ain’t a band name, it’s a damn social construct.)

Okay, okay. One more.

The League of Calamitous Bluegrass.

So…Picker, what’s crack-a-lackin’?

Ever since I first read Satchel’s Pages Rules for Living, I’ve thought Social Ramble (see Rule #4) would be a great name for a band. Sure, Bruce_Daddy passed it up when I suggested it to him, but that’s because it was meant for you all along, picker

All right, first of all, let me say that you guys rock…I’ve been swamped in the studio with a project and haven’t even looked at the Dope in several days.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking in the back of my head, ‘Damn, I really need a name for this group’ totally forgetting about this thread 'cause of these damn projects.

Then I pop in here and there’s crazy amounts of good ideas.

The Situation As It Stands:

I am about to go through and compile a master list, and again mark the ones that seem the most spot on. It looks like we’re doing a vocal rehearsal on Saturday, so I will again present the list to the group for consideration.

If there is no obvious winner, I’ll keep the thread alive at least through Monday night’s full rehearsal. At that point, we’ll make the decision, and should we not have a band name out of the list, we as a group will vote on the overall coolest name on the list, even if it’s not suited to the band. That person will be the official winner, and get all the cool swag.

The list to this point:
The Teeming Millions
Caledonia Missionaries
Unfaithful Servants
The Great Divide
The Bluegrass Resistance
Cannabisaurus Rex
Mandolin Overdrive.
The Electric Jamband Pickers
The Flatpick Alliance
Bluegrass Vibes
Borderline Kentucky
Tennessee Brindle
Skull Bone Ten
The Cast Iron Trio
The Flatbeds
The Pick Axis
Horse Branch
Pigeon Creek
Fire Mountain / Fire Mountain String Band
The Jefferson County Sextet
The Band Of Renown
Johnny Reb and the Unionists
Pick Pickwell and His Pickers
Do It For Danko
The Return of the Waltz
The Pick Pockets
Uncle Jean-Marie le
The Stringers
The Hidalgo Trading Company Warehouse
Purple Filth
Free Beer
Okefenokee Philharmonic
Billie Banjo and the Hootenanny
Richard Manuel’s Broken Heart
The First Waltz
Psychedelic Hillbilly Freakout
High ‘N Lonesome High Lonesome Pickers/High Lonesome String Band
Safe At Anchor
Anniversary Paint
Dustbowl Heart
The Yolks
Green Grass Bluegrass Band
For Twenty Minutes
Just Once
The Pony Party
Kato and the C-Listers
Pine Plank Pickers
Fielder’s Square
Trumped Up
Stump Shaker (or Stump Shakin’)
Chicken Coop Hot House
Bailing Wires
The Bottles
Pickin’ and Grinnin’
The Pike County Exchange
Renfro Valley
The Coal Crackers
Picker Knows
Foggy Mountain Rehab
Arthur Fiddler and the Bustin’ Chops Orchestra
Itty Bitty Shirt Band
Johnny Debitcard (First there was Cash, then there was Paycheque; now…)
Mountain Railway
The Porch Pickers
Across the Great Divide
Ozark Bluegrass Band
Bluegrass Brigade
Appalaichan Sensation
No Fear Mountaineers
Black Balsam
Shining Rock Experience
New 98s (get it?..nevermind)
Mountain Lake Retreat
Perpetual Line Steppers/Perpetual Line Crossers
The 2nd Coming
Detatchable Jesus
The Moonshine Review
Sweet Creek Singers
Balm in Gilead
Kissing Cousins
Owl Creek Bridge
The Family
The Old Homestead
Uncle Dad
In The Pines
Banjo Deliverance
The Long Black Veil
Thunder Road
The Scrapplers
Moonbeam McSwine
Mayonnaise Bitch
Licking Hole
Butt Funnel
L.I.M.B. (Lesbians In Men’s Bodies)
Strikes Black
Snick Paprika
Good Grass Almighty
The Grazers
The Star Grazers
Salvador’s Deli
The League of Calamitous Bluegrass
Social Ramble

Again, thanks for this. I think you’ll see by the list we’re trending towards non-traditional bluegrass names. Traditional bluegrass is only going to be 25% or so of the show anyway, and even that’s gonna have a lot more jam vibe (kind of a Yonder Mountain meets the Band thing)

not officially. My personal short list…

Foggy Mountain Rehab
The Porch Pickers
Salvador’s Deli

Redneck Nipple Beaver

When I bought my mandolin a few years ago, my friends made me promise that I would name my band Bandolin. I don’t particularly like it, so I’m throwing it out here for you.

Also, feel free to use my old username, FireUnderpantsBoobs, as long as I get credit. Credit, dammit! Also if you ever come to Chicago I want to play a set with you (I can play fiddle & mandolin but not so well…)

Other random names:
The United Romaine Farmer’s Alliance
Craze Campaign 3000
The Venus Flytraps
Bobby Dean and the Down Home Boys
The Shitty Beatles
(“So it’s not just a clever name!”)

This is hard.

The Chicken Plucker’s Sons.


Pick of the Litter
Home from the Hills

The New Old Yellers
The Young Yellers
The Porch Sitters/Pickers

The Dopers
War on Ignorance
Only Once in 1960
Mariana’s Trench
The Death Rays (doesn’t sound that bluegrassy at all–oh well)
The Blisters (I started thinking about country music and got to thinking about Stewie shouting “I’ve got blisters on me fingers!” after a jammin’ banjo tune)
ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs) – you see this a lot in research about adolescent drug abuse–always thought it would make a good band name – maybe Alcohol, Tobacco and the Drugs?
Herb Green and the Green Herbs
We Inhaled
The Grand Theft Autos
Sea Sponge

Well, after much discussion, we picked several names, so I’m afraid we’ve got to declare several winners.

We’ve still not settled on a name for the main project, which is rapidly becoming it’s own amalgamation of acoustic, vocal, funk and americana. I suppose the proper name shall make itself known to us soon.

However, we realized that in light of the way the original material and core group is shaping up, we’d best split the radically different stuff into ‘side projects’ that consist of most of us playing, under a different name.

Henceforth when perform in a bluegrass/jamgrass environment (with the banjo player and fiddler) we shall indeed be known as Foggy Mountain Rehab. The jazz duo that my bassist and I run has been re-christened Salvador’s Deli.

So congrats to the winners of our contest, SavageNarce and DoctorJ for the names. If the two of you would contact me at ellestad AT charter DOT net I will figure out what musical prizes to send to you, and where to send them.

Many thanks to all who participated, we appreciate all the suggestions.

Now go help Seven name his new project.

P.S. We’ll be starting to record early January, and I’ll be sure to post some links to the material. Thanks again!

How in the hell did you know about Skullbone? My mother was born in the general area known as “Skullbonia,” and I grew up about fifteen miles away. Got the T-shirt with the store on it and I’m hungry for the doodle soup as I type.

This is the Skullbone that I grew up with.

Recently I’ve discovered that it now has the biggest biker rally in Tennessee and concerts by Lynard Skynard, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, etc. Sure beats standing in the road and talking.

Seriously, I think “Skullbone Ten” would be a great inside joke and the T-shirts are already available if the store still sells them. (They have a skull and crossbones. You can pretend to be from Yale.)

Bluegrass or ass ???

Heh heh.

You know, I totaly missed this thread when I made mine.

Really I’m not trying to play copy cat. :wink: