The Name of the Glue

I’m after the name - either a technical or commercial product name - of a specific type of glue.

Its the glue that is used to hold CDs onto magazine covers. It is usually clear, very rubbery-stretchy and holds its shape in three dimensions. Not overly tacky, so may just retain its stickiness until it dries and obviously doesn’t penetrate or permanently adhere to paper.

I’ve tried normal rubber cement, which doesn’t seem to have sufficient viscosity and just smears rather than sitting proud like a little angel excretion, and none of the clear glues I’ve found at stationers seem to do the trick.


Low-temp hot glue maybe?

3m 3798lm

Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive, apparently. You can buy it pre-formed into glue dots. I think these are essentially what you want.

Thanks Dr Strangelove, I can now stop worrying and learn to love the glue dots. And thanks other prompt responders too!

Fugitive glue.

What can I say; it’s that time of year.

Rubber cement, which is essentially elastic polymers mixed with a solvent.

Any teenage boy can tell you it’s called fake boogers.

In all seriousness, I’ve always heard it called “booger glue”, too.

I think there are many possible combinations of elastomers and plasticizers that do, or could, get used that way.

Yep. I always called it “snot glue” but also wondered what it was really called. The first Google search result for “snot glue” was that article.

Chicken snot.