"The Name of This Band is Talking Heads" on CD! Finally!

The basic Amazon write-up.

A superior TH-net write-up.

Two discs! Sixteen extra tracks! Digitally remastered by Bob Ludwig!

This live LP is truly one of the great “why isn’t this on CD yet?” titles from the post-Beatles era. (Why the heck did it take so long?) :confused:

That is all…

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Yes!

I can’t wait to hear Born Under Punches, Heaven, Cities and Animals.

Finally. Now, Obi Wans failure is… I mean now my Talking Heads CD collection will be complete.

I’d only ever seen this album once, that was on cassette.

Well! Then I guess you’ll all be thrilled to know that back in ‘85 or so, I had backstage passes for the "burnin’ down the house" concert and shook hands with David Byrne. And was invited back to the hotel for a little nekkid swimming with the band. Aaaahhh, youth!

Was Tina hot?

Excellent–especially the bonus tracks (have no idea what happened to my tape) :slight_smile:

It’s about time.

Excellent! I have it on vinyl, but with the all the LP’s and the record player languishing in the garage, this will make me very happy :).

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On the way home from Stop Making Sense, one friend couldn’t shut up about how he’d like to “back * her* vocals.”


I’ll finally be able to give my vinyl copy a well deserved rest.

I got my copy this evening at a local indie store, and it was the last copy in stock. :eek:


I heard them live in Central Park in 1980.

David borrowed a buck to buy a Sabrett’s frank with kraut, and Tina urinated on my leg.

Got mine at a normal old Barnes and Nobles this afternoon thanks to this thread, but it was also the last ( only? ) one on display.

Though I kind of doubt the demand will be overwhelming. In all honesty if you want just one Talking Heads concert album, the cleaned up and restored version of Stop Making Sense is probably superior ( I believe a reviewer at Rolling Stone said that the live version of “Heaven” from that album was just about Byrne’s finest moment and I’d have to agree ). Of course you miss out on the Belew guitar noodlings, the neat dueling bass lines between Tina Weymouth and Busta Jones on “Crosseyed and Painless” and the early four-piece stuff ( a good bit of which I listened to today while running errands and on the way to work ).

And it does have LOTS of bonus tracks - nearly twice the size of the original. Just totally cool :).

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Or was that “The Great Curve”?

Damn, it’s been ages since I listened to this one.

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Alas, we didn’t actually get nekkid with them. My friend worked at the hotel and they had a “No Hangin’ Around” clause in her employment agreement. But it was nice to be asked!

Shoot. You lucky dawg. Was it a pants-pee or a skin-pee? If it was pants, you have all kinds of framing and auction possibilities!