The name that defines your lifetime

There have been names that not only have become historical landmarks but that tend to define an era in history.

Names like:

Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar
Genghis Khan
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln

Over the course of your lifetime what one name do you think will be the one this time in history will be associated with?


Khan Noonien Singh

The Trek historical accounts were off by a couple of decades. The EW will begin this fall.


Real answer: Osama Bin Laden. A globally recognised name associated with global terrorism

I’m having a hard time deciding between Einstein and Hitler.

For me, these are the era before ours.

I agree mostly, but they have been two who seem to have long-ranging influences even though they’ve been out of my life for the better part of it.

If we consider the “current era” to be post 1975 (or thereabouts) I guess I could switch to Bill Gates or whoever it was to develop the WWW/HTML thing: that guy.

Al Gore.

I was thinking more of Tim Berners-Lee but Al has a better press agent, for sure.

Margaret Thatcher.

Fidel Castro, unfortunately.

Why unfortunately? Are you Cuban?

Bill Gates

Nelson Mandela

Pierre Trudeau

EDIT: Or Jean Chretien.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan, probably.

Heh, jinx.

I thought of another!

Sad, but most likely true. Maybe Hefner or Spielberg or Howard Stern.

The Beatles.

Ziggy Stardust!