The Nancy Pelosi appreciation thread

Just saying… And it is clear that you omitted the first part of the quote to ignore that I did agree anyhow. It is just that after telling our side what they are doing wrong one should then not ignore the extreme asinine overreach the other side is doing with this item.

I think we absolutely agree. I’m just tired of repeating how awful the other side is with no meaningful effect on the other side’s behavior. And I’m aware I’m belaboring the point that our side ought not be satisfied with saying, ‘Yeah, but those guys are so much worse!’. Yeah, they are. Much. But because there is so much room between out side and theirs, I don’t want anybody getting comfortable with that excuse when we don’t live up to our own standards.

…and that’s all I have to say about that.

I’m completely with QuickSilver on this; it was a dumb-ass move by Pelosi and showed the same kind of judgement that occasionally got the Clintons in trouble: rules are for the little people. Then she compounds it by playing a Trump card: “I was set up”.

She deserves all the vitriol that she is getting. If you have to invoke Republicans to try and defend Pelosi then you’ve lost.

I live in Virginia now. Pelosi should have taken a page from Ralph Northam. He screwed up early in the pandemic, getting caught without a mask right around the time things were getting locked the hell down. He handled it the right way. Acknowledged that he screwed up, apologized for being absent-minded, and moved on.

All Pelosi had to do was to say she screwed up. Everyone hates the lock-down, even people who advocate it. It’s not hypocritical to simultaneously want to break the lockdown rules while feeling compelled to be an advocate for them. It’s like dieticians who occasionally binge on ice cream or other shit that’s not healthy. People sometimes just want to say “Screw it.” We get it. She should have just acknowledged that. Just say it was a weak moment. She was invited for a private appointment and thought ‘what the hell - who’s it gonna hurt?’ But she sees in retrospect that it was a mistake. Next question.

I wouldn’t cite Northam since when confronted with the blackface scandal he did exactly what Pelosi did, insisted that it wasn’t what it appeared to be, refused to apologize and waited for it to blow over. I think Pelosi should at minimum apologize for not wearing a mask. My mother gets her hair done and keeps her mask on the whole time and Pelosi has no excuse even if she was set up.

Pretty cringe worthy her exchange wIth Wolf Blitzer.

Yeah, this thread hasn’t aged as well as I had hoped. Pelosi’s definitely pushing close to her expiration date at this point. It’ll be time for a leadership change if the Dems keep the House.

I wonder if she’s had some Mini strokes or something.

Well, even if she’s incapacitated before the election, the Democratic Party retains the seat. So that’s something, I guess.

I heard she paid off a porn star.

I’m seeing more projection than an IMAX multiplex.

Hey don’t knock “Nancy vs. Stormy: World Slut Title Wrestling Bukakke Match Vol. 12

Yeah, that was really bad. She sounded almost as bad as a typical Guilliani interview. Still, better than Trump, even on a good day.

Isn’t that already a done deal? I thought that a deal was made in 2018 that she would remain speaker so long as she stepped down after the current term.

ETA: I just looked it up. It was 2022 that she agreed to step down. My bad.

No, I feel badly for her. Not projecting.

Ah, you’re concerned. So very, very concerned.

Let’s see, during a particularly stressful year for most caring, aware humans, she got angry at Wolf Blitzer for suggesting she give in to Trump. Concern! Is she going to be OK?

Isn’t it awesome to have the entire government run by old folks! In normal life, you do something called “retire” since your prime work days aren’t at the very end of your life. But in government you stick with it and you even try to get elected and re-elected to the top position. There is no retiring in politics…you instead die in office. Or have everyone wonder if you have dementia, strokes, etc. And this is all three branches of our govt. We need term and age limits for all three.

If Biden wins and the Democrats take the Senate, I suspect that Nancy Pelosi will continue on as leader of the House because in her capacity, she is the best suited to help Biden push through the DNC agenda. If however, Biden wins but the Senate remains in GOP hands, I think Nancy will signal her intent to retire.

Biden tried this. And then the US elected Trump.

RBG also may well have retired by now. But the US elected Trump.

I believe it was Rod Stewart who once said that tonight’s the night.
Was Pelosi’s 48-hour ultimatum wise?
Will Congress get their shit together Republicans engage reasonably for an aid package in time?

Unca Mitch told DJT not to play nice with Nancy re stimulus $$. Uh-oh! Someone’s gonna be in big twubble tonight. Maybe get sent to bed without their supper.

Takes bowl of popcorn and sits on the stairs peering through the banisters :popcorn: