The Nancy Pelosi appreciation thread

That is not what anyone means by age discrimination. The fact that 17 yo cant drink booze isnt discrimination.

I am not talking about a 17 year old wanting to drink booze. I’m talking about a 42 year old that wants to join the military or a 28 year old that wants to be a Senator.

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Bumping this again because once again I am in awe of Nancy. She has more balls than the entire coterie of Congressional Republicans combined. She would not be intimidated on Stupid Coup Night and now she’s doing what needs to be done to hold Trump and his enablers accountable. There was some dismay during Impeachment I that McConnell had apparently outplayed her, but it looks like Nancy will have the last laugh. She’ll also win the approval of historians that she did what had to be done during the worst political turmoil since the Civil War, while McConnell and his ilk will be excoriated as traitors and grifters.

I was stunned when I heard about her phone call to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam; I was beyond impressed:

“very, very concerned”… as a mob smashes their way into the US Capitol building looking to hang the Vice President and herself.

I want this lady on my side all the fucking time.

Totally agree! She is the Ever-Loving Bomb! (Just don’t say that while you’re going through the metal detectors at The Capitol.)

Madame Pelosi got trapped by the Lefty base who were too naive and foolish to get that impeachment sans a shot at conviction was a loser, and waste of political capital.

She clearly got backed into it.

This now is different, there’s a shot

Nancy Pelosi walking onto the House floor like:

My impression is that the first impeachment was too early and this one is too late.

It was absolutely necessary to have the first impeachment so that history could record the names of those who voted against.

Useless Lefty morality theatrics
No one is going to give any shits about their names in history.

They already did. Republicans lost seats in the Senate, and several more seats were in play that shouldn’t have been.

I will also point out that the main reason the Republican party was so easily taken over by Trump was their lack of adherence to morals. If they actually stuck with what the Moral Majority claimed to believe, Trump would have failed hard.

A party needs a moral center, or it’s easily taken over by a demagogue.

And that’s without considering how many Democrats are so because they think they’re the more moral party. I am one of them, BTW. I was a Republican as a kid until I realized what they preached was immoral.

Almost no one remembers Quisling, but almost everyone knows his name.

Yeah, compare her to the fucking chickenshit pussy Republicans who had no choice but to vote for their fuhrer because they’re getting death threats for apparently not supporting him enough.

Every once in a while I want to be as badass as Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker has an impeachment suit!

Kennedy called the Speaker of the House “the most important woman in American political history.”

The award has been given out since 1989 by members of the Kennedy family to honor JFK’s memory and the work of those who embody political courage. Pelosi, who said that she accepted the award with “a full and humble heart,” explained the impact that the late president had had on her own political development.

“In high school, I had the privilege to meet Senator Kennedy when he came to Baltimore. My father was mayor, and I got to sit at the head table. Everyone was dazzled by his brilliance,” she said. “In college, I attended his inauguration and, on that freezing, thrilling day, heard his electrifying call to public service.”

I remember his inauguration day, too. I was 12.

Reminds me of RBG and her various collars; that’s just awesome.

You know, it just occurred to me that McConnell may have missed a golden opportunity (for him) here - bear with me, the first step is the hard part, after that it’s totally Mitch-esque.

  1. Fire up Pence about the rioters coming after him and convince him to resign.
  2. Immediately push the trial and convict Trump removing him from office.
  3. Nancy Pelosi is the acting President, but, as we all learned on West Wing, she has to resign from Congress! And has to run again to get back in.
  4. Mitch gets rid of his nemesis from across the Rotunda.*
  • Technically the House could re-elect her as Speaker anyway since there’s no requirement the Speaker be a member of Congress, but realistically, the baton passes to someone else.

Technically, she’d probably stay Speaker until the House voted to remove her (or she resigned the Speaker role separately from resigning from Congress), if it was inclined to do so (and it probably would be).