The Natsarim

Yau Hay Vau Hay is one way to pronounce the name, but I’ve always been partial to YaHoo WaHoo.

That just means it is illegitimate, not necessarily inauthentic.

There are numerous entries for “Natsarim” online, but most of it concerns either your beliefs or how Christianity is some sort of corruption of your “true” belief. Where can I find information as to the history of your sect? How has your religion progressed through the ages, and who were some of the more prominent Natsarim leaders?

All Christian festivals are derived from pagan festivals? I guess that means the OP’s folks know nothing about Pentacost, aka Shavuot.

Do you at least have a magical artifact, that you and your brothers have sworn to protect for millenia?

I love spotting another “Cartoon History of the Universe” person. :slight_smile:

lightning bolt

I would first like to thank the multitudes of people that came on here with only the intention of attacking my beliefs. Well done, really showing the best of humanity. I do not remember coming on your thread just to attack you so I obviously deserve to be ridiculed.

I’ll respond to intelligent posts, but seeing as how none have been posted as of yet there is no need to bother.

Including the OP and its religion-that-isn’t-a-religion.

Hey, yo, what about mine?

Perhaps some kind of special ring? Natsarim has a very Tolkien-ish sound to it.

I’ve asked about the history of your religion and who it’s prominent leaders might have been through the ages.

Are you saying this is difficult by design? If so, what’s the point?

Doesn’t every religion say this?

It’s the dope. Many of the daily posters live for the day when they get the chance to tell someone their religion is stupid and the poster is stupid for even believing in a religion in the first place. You’ve been around long enough you should have learned that by now. Well now you know.

So “Natsarim” is Hebrew for asshole?

“You mock me for there is little information available about what I wish to tell you, and what information there is appears to be contradictory. I will punish your mockery by WITHHOLDING INFORMATION!!”

Yes, yes they do. That’s a fantastic point.

Boss, what you just described is religion. I was interested at first at the possibility of a logical and intelligent group which I could’ve one day considered myself a part of, but then I read your post… and… BAHAHAHA. Religion. :stuck_out_tongue:

You should really think of what you even have as differences from Christianity. Almost nothing.


You’re not allowed to insult other people in this forum. Don’t do it again.

Actually it was Paul, he spoke about how those that followed the Messiah were being called Natsarim and it just sort of developed. As far as people that are influencial in the group, it starts with the Messiah Yahusha Himself as the head of course. I believe Paul was the second most influencial person, he did a lot of traveling and reached a great number of people. The only important person is the Messiah though, but people like Yahucanan (John) are pretty famous I’d imagine. Anyone in the new testament writings was a famous Natsarim.

Yes, one of the major things that we fight is corruption that has been sewed into the world. Our primary job is to identify pagan practices and find their sources so that we may show others what has been done to them. Nothing is hidden and for that we are greatly persecuted.

History of our sect is in the new testament. It hasn’t progressed well until just recently in the last 20 years or so. In fact there was a long period of time when no one took up the responsibility, but the truth always remains, it cannot be destroyed. About 20 years ago a number of people around the world started asking questions…

Sorry, I just skimmed through the responses and saw nothing but insults. I’d greatly appreciate it if I was at least given some small manner of courtesy, but it seems that’s far too much to ask.

No, it was a joke because it’s not difficult at all and it’s made even easier with a calendar where it’s marked on the day.

Every religion claims it, but if you ask a Christian where it’s written that we should have Christmass trees in our houses, they won’t be able to find the text.

I think most Christians understand there is nothing about Christmas trees in the Bible. So what?