Naxos Is From An Alternate Universe

Such insane, delusional, ignorant, bigoted statements come often from Naxos, who is (if it were even possible) a caricature of Der Trihs. At least the latter has a sense of humour occasionally but Naxos is just a prissy, Helen Lovejoy of atheism who enjoys whining and moaning and peddles his bigoted and ignorant views throughout this forum. Add to this his views that Texas is some sort of Third World shithole and one wonders whether Naxos is from an alternate universe.

He’s right about Texas. Give him that much credit.

Glass houses. :smiley:

When you Pit someone, your popularity as a board member has to be high, or else the pitting will backfire on your ass. I suspect - though I might be mistaken - that the OP is about to learn a firsthand lesson in this concept.

Or the popularity of the Pitted can be really low as is Naxos’ case.

That’s why I edited my post (before you replied to it) to say I suspect. Let’s see how it turns out.


Even popular posters can get their ass handed to them in the Pit…and unpopular posters can some times be on the fickle side of 'doper outrage. You never know what will happen in here…it all depends on who is letting out the blood in the water in any given thread. And whether the sharks are hungry. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, their classical music sucks too.

I think if Qin weren’t a tween, he’d get a lot more grief on here for the shit he posts.

Obnoxious Christian or Obnoxious Atheist. Are those the only two choices here?

I do have to admit that the latest post by Naxos in the current GD Israeli rant thread is a bit out there bordering on Batshit Crazy(aar), so perhaps the OP has a point about that anyway.

ETA: Hadn’t actually noticed Naxos until recently, and my initial impressions seem to support the alternative universe of nutty-ness theory fairly well.


Naxos comes off as a college freshman who listens to a lot of death metal, stayed more-or-less awake in high school science, and just read The God Delusion. He’s a tedious bore who’s not nearly as bright as he thinks he is. I’m astonished people actually engage him.

May I ask?

I’m not regularly frequenting this forum, although I’ve posted in it a few times.

Can I let loose and say what I want in the Pit or do I run the risk of being reprimanded again?

I meant to, but I didn’t post about a couple more reports in the news about the degeneracy of Texas.

They now allow gun carrying in colleges and universities. There’s another news bit that I forget… relating to their conservative based ignorance of what Science is all about. I’ll post if I remember it.

Texas should slide off to the sea… nobody will miss that cesspool of ignorance and hostility.

Yeah, that seems pretty accurate. I shouldn’t have implied some sort of equivalence between the OP and Naxos. While I do find the OP’s constant assumption that Christian philosophy is the be all and end all, at least he isn’t angry and bitter. Angry and bitter posters really do a lot to spoil this place, and **Naxos **easily fits that description.

First of all, metal sucks and it’s not music.

Second of all, I hesitate to name drop in online forums. So, take my arguments as I present them and either accept or refute them with your own abilities to reason.

So, now that I think I won’t be banned, here is the story:

If you haven’t read that from me yet, here it is: Religion is a mental disorder.

It’s a dysfunction of the human brain that causes antisocial, aggressive and hostile behaviors. It most likely resulted from the evolution of the brain to have the capability of analyzing its environment and try to change it, something like the transition from gather/hunterer to agrarian societies we evolved in about 20 thousand years ago.

So, basically, anything anyone says in support of religion is not only moronic and worthless, but, in our times, also ignorant and a clear indicator of stupidity.

Depends what you want from your pit threads. For instance, it shouldnt even be possible for a pitting to backfire. You think somebody is an idiot, you call them an idiot, job done. All other opinions are just window dressing. A pitting can only backfire if you were trying to play to the peanut gallery in the first place.

Keep your focus here Curtis, say what you think about Nacho. Also, you need to get out more, stop being such a gobshite.

No, you can say pretty much what you want, so long as you don’t threaten anyone with death or say one of a short list of banned, mostly sexual, insults. Other than that, go crazy.

You do tend to come across like religion kicked your dog, though. I mean, it’s not like you’re the only one on the board who doesn’t like religion, but you come across as one of the more vehement about it.

It’s not a matter of “like”.

I have experienced the destructive effects of reckless religious mental dysfunction first hand, but my experience is not the reason why religion is a mental disease.

It’s a disease because it is.