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Actually, it’s much more likely that religion thrived because it did the exact opposite of causing “antisocial, aggressive and hostile behaviors”. Not that we can really know, but it would make more sense that something as ubiquitous as religion was a net positive for society.

You are proven wrong because social and personal moral codes were advanced in societies - Western mostly but maybe also in Asian, I’m not sure - before the three mentally diseased Abrahamic religions were even conceived.

Behaving “morally”, so that you are socially accepted has nothing to do with the mental disease of religion.

You should really leave the angst ridden ‘I hate RELIGION!’ schtick to Der Trihs…he does it better than you do, plus he’s already got that position trademarked. And one insane anti-religious loony is really enough for any given message board…


Fundamentalist atheism is as foolish as every other form of religious extremism.

I never said I “hate” anything. That’s an emotional response, so, worthless by definition.

I don’t know who that Der Trihs is, that you keep on bringing up.

There’s no hope of understanding reality if we keep on being tied up by the irrationality of human emotions.

Emotions have a purpose. All of us want to experience the pleasurable emotion of specific situations - and I hope you know what those are - but when examining reality, human emotions have to be excluded from consideration.

That’s why religion is a mental disorder.

“Religion” is not the same as “Abrahamic religion”. Religions, or religious beliefs, are and were present in every society that has ever existed. One might make the argument that our society has outgrown the need for religion, but that doesn’t make religion inherently evil, nor does it make religion a “disease”.

It does, because other, benign religions, like the worship of tree spirits, or the worship of volcano gods, or Buddhism, are all non threatening belief systems.

In our times, religion refers to the 3 major Abrahamic religions of the past 2,000 years that have been the justification of endless horror and suffering.

The intentional choice of people in our times to declare adherence to one of those belief systems that have caused so much turmoil, is because those beliefs are rooted in a common mental disorder of people that want to impose themselves upon others, kill them, and steal their resources.

Religion is a mental disease.

I think that maybe your experience is in fact the reason you have such a strong dislike towards religion and the religious, and while I don’t know what happened to you and am sure it was terrible, I’d suggest that you might be overgeneralizing, and that not all religious people are like the people who did whatever was so traumatic to you.

You are right, my experience should not be the basis of a reasonable evaluation of any social construct.

But it is not.

I didn’t say religious people are all degenerates. I said religion is a mental disorder that provides justification for behaving immorally to other people, either in a personal or a group or social setting.

I never said some random Christian would never be a good person. I said that Christianity provides the justification of acting immorally in both an individual and a social level.

That’s why religion is a mental disease, or at the least, useless and irrelevant to our existence.

If someone has the ability to behave in the benefit of others then they don’t need a mental disease to justify their behavior. People can be moral because they want to, not because they will go to someone else’s hell if they don’t.

Is it Pit-like-a-Pirate day already?

Nonsense. You need to learn about the history of the rest of the world.

Religious belief is the normal condition for human beings. I think I’ll listen to psychiatrists about what is and is not a mental disease instead of some anonymous crank on a message board.

Rest assured. I have the credentials. :slight_smile:

The one about carving out an area in the Sahara Desert?

I also said I’d gladly give them Texas too.

Of being a crank on a message board? I agree.

Other than voicing dissatisfaction with my opinions, I have not read anything that will challenge my views.

I say that religion is a mental disorder and I try to give enough reasons why I think so, but the only response I get is: “No, it is NOT”.

I think I win on that one.

You’re even more ignorant than Qin. I have never suspected that that could be possible.

Maybe I am. I don’t know who Qin is and what he/she knows about the world.

Enjoy your ad hominem.

Haha AT, there should be a popup window with that very warning every time someone tries to start his own pitt thread.

That’s not the only response you got.

When you produce a cite, you win. “Mental disease” is a term of art, not something you just get to make up because it fits your political agenda.

I don’t think any of us here are questioning your experience in the area of mental disorders.