The New "Colgate Herbal Whitening" Commercial

Have you guys seen this one? This couple is camping…she looks through the binoculars and sees this BLINDINGLY bright reflection…off of a beaver’s front teeth!!

Because HE uses new Colgate Herbal Whitening Toothpaste!!!

WTF??? He’s a dammed BEAVER. He doesn’t BRUSH his TEETH!!! WHO gave them the idea that a BEAVER would help sell TOOTHPASTE??? (That person should be fired.)

Have you ever seen a beaver’s front teeth? (I couldn’t find a picture online quickly.) I just can’t imagine that they’re gleaming white.

It’s just such a dumb, campy-looking commercial.

I hate it so much I have to watch it every time it comes on so I can holler at the TV!!

I can’t STAND dumb commercials!!!

The toothpaste is yummy, though.

Wild beavers have yellow teeth, actor beavers have generally better dental hygine.

That sounds more like a Brian Fellows skit.

“That beaver can’t brush his own teeth! That’s crazy!”

lol lady- I picutured that in his voice and everything.

I agree about stupid commercials. My current most hated are the Herbal Essences commercials where the lady sounds like she’s riding Brad Pitt like a dimestore pony- “OH! OH! OH! OHHHH!” having a fake orgasm in the shower. Come on- ridiculous!!

This article (warning: PDF),, from the USDA Wildlife Services says

Hmm. Maybe it should be Colgate Herbal Orangening Toothpaste

The first time I saw the animated beaver (no jokes, please) in that commercial, I wondered if they’d brought back Ipana.

I’ve only seen this commercial once, but I assumed it was intentionally ridiculous. They seemed to be playing up the camp element of the animated spokesanimal. But maybe I’m just giving the good people of Madison Avenue more credit than they deserve.

Here you go. (Eww)

I thought the same thing… :slight_smile:

Would have been even better if they’d gotten the actress who played Jan in the movie version of Grease to do the voice of the beaver.

“Brusha, brusha, brusha…
Dandy for your tee-eeth.”