I want teeth like a cartoon beaver !

At least thats what a popular toothpaste company seems to think anyway.

Have you seen this utterly ridiculous commercial ? Two people (real humans) are walking by a stream (an actual stream) when they come upon a giant cartoon beaver . . . with huge white teeth ! “Wow whats your secret ?” the woman wonders aloud. Then the completely fictional mammal with the ink colored teeth proceeds to pontificate on the glories of said toothpaste.

WTF ??

Is this honestly supposed to make me run out and buy this product ? Who desires “Tony Robbins White” colored giant cartoon teeth ? Why market an adult item with a kiddie spokesperson - or you know, spokes. . . beaver.
Somebody is smokin’ crack.

Don’t dis’ the Colgate Herbal toothpaste ad. It contains tea tree oil, sage oil, clove bud oil and myrrh!

Real beavers have orange teeth.

I do not want orange teeth!

Oh, come on. You never heard of Ipana? It’s great that Bucky Beaver’s working again after all these years.

I was thinking Ipana myself when I read the OP. Come on, he’s a well-known spokesbeaver. If toothpaste works for him, then it’ll work for you!

I had noticed this thread title and wonder WTF? But I didn’t open it. Then today I saw the ad of which you speak and thought “A-HA! this must be the subject of that thread.”

This commerical made me consider doing violence against my television. I didn’t. I don’t want to miss the new season of Queer as Folk. But I sure thought about it.

I saw that commercial and agree it’s stupid.

The first thing I’m going to say when I run across a talking cartoon beaver in the woods is not “How’d you get your teeth so white?”

My very first thoughts:

Brush-a brush-a brush-a, with the new Ipana

and other Pink Lady related references

[butthead]Heh-heh, heh-heh…he said spokesbeaver[/butthead]

Good grief! We might as well ignore all the progress made in recent oral hygene history and just start chewing bark again.

Hmmmm - chewing bark. Well at least that would explain the beaver.