The new "Dune" adaptation

Looks cool - thanks!

Indeed. Is this the adaptation we’ve always wanted? I’m cautiously optimistic.

I love Jason Momoa, and I’m aware of Duncan’s true importance, but … can you say “padded the big-name star’s role a little”? Maybe that’s just the trailer editing talking.

But that’s a minor quibble. Looks fan-fucking-tastic. Has very strong tones of the Métal hurlant house style to me, as well, which is always a plus.

I think you’re right, and it’s probably true of Zendaya as well. She’s in half the trailer scenes, but her role in this movie can’t be more than the introductory voice over, flashes in Paul’s dreams, and a few minutes at the end.

I haven’t been following the scuttlebutt on this. It looks from the trailer like she’s playing Chani. Are they only doing the first half of the book in this movie? Her character is a little more important in the second half.

Yes. IIRC, this movie ends with Paul and Jessica’s escape to the Fremen. The rest of the story is told in a sequel.

So please, God, may it be both wonderful and a big big hit, so they make the second half and do it proud!

Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 were both AWEFUL! I agree. This will suck.

I hope that is correct.

possible spoiler for those who don't already know the story of Dune

I just heard that Jason Momoa was going to be cutting his hair and dyeing it blond for the Aquaman sequel. If Duncan is dead by the end of the first movie that increases the odds of the sequel.

That trailer looks so fucking good. I want to see this movie and I want it to do well enough that Part II starts production early next year.

Loved the book, and loved Bladerunner 2049 - I’m looking forward to this one.

I think you must not have read the post you quoted…

That trailer was about 10x better than I was expecting.

A few more things from the trailer…

Ornithopters- an actual ornithopter design and not whatever the hell it was they used in the Lynch version.

Baron Harkonnen is clearly still using suspensors, as the image of him floating up attests to.

A couple of the ships we see, I assume at least one of them is a guild heighliner, reminds me of the no-ship depicted on the cover of Chapterhouse: Dune (seen here).

I think you misunderstood me, and then misspelled AWESOME.

Yes, and when they’re done with the second half promptly do Dune Messiah and Children of Dune (and then take a pass on anything Brian Herbert wrote.)

Gotta disagree with this.

To each their own.

Two things that bugged me most about Lynch’s Dune were the ornithopters and the Weirding Modules.

To be fair, there was a lot that bugged me but those really popped out at me when I first watched it.

I now have a weird love/hate relationship with that movie. Mostly it was bad but now I have some nostalgia for it.

A little but those have no place in the first book and do not show up in the stories till much later.

I know that, and maybe I am just seeing things but the model design has to get its inspiration from somewhere.

Heighliners are one thing that I never was able to create a mental image for, so I am stuck with images from the movie and book covers…

Yeah. Same here. I went with the cover art (tube shaped things).

Is Patrick Stewart no longer playing the Emperor? IMDb doesn’t list him as such (if the Emperor will only show up in the 2nd film).