The new "Dune" adaptation

Is that picture an homage to, or a rip off of

Aren’t those just different artist’s interpretations of the same scene?

I had suggested him for the role upthread, but have never seen anything officially stating that he would have the role.

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Still looks awesome

They are, but Heighliners are never described in detail–certainly not as long cylinders. They are described as being so large that all of the Atreides’ stuff can fit in a small corner of the ship, so we’d expect the cargo transports to be tiny in comparison, as we see. And a planet scale evacuation of a Great House would certainly require many craft, which might organize into long lines. But the cylindrical shape seems to be an invention of the Lynch movie and roughly copied by the Sci Fi miniseries.

Thanks for the explanation. The pictures were so similar I’d assumed they were both based of some particular description from the book.

Even the scene itself has to be inferred. We know the Atreides are packing up and moving out, and that the heighliners cannot land, and that the passengers stay in their ships (therefore no outgoing ships). But we don’t get much information about the loading process.

I think Herbert kept the more whiz-bang technological elements of his stories purposely vague. He cared much more about worm-riding hooks than he did about spaceships. It’s what helps make the books timeless.

Considering that the ship is piloted by a giant mutant worm-person-thing who’s able to navigate safely without the aid of computers because it’s already seen into the future to find out how it successfully does so, the shape of the ship is far less interesting in comparison.

I think the most important thing to know is the ships are massive and critical to the galactic civilization.

Everything hinges on the spice which the navigators need and, by extension, civilization itself.

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I saw a video on YouTube yesterday that said Warner Brothers is fully behind Dune and barring an epic disaster at the box office, Part 2 will be made.

Villeneuve has been working on finishing up the script. I really hope this is true. :crossed_fingers:

Definitely - thanks!

Warner Bros is fully behind it right now. All it takes is for one key person to leave and everything changes.

Too true. Douglas Adams once complained that getting a movie approved in Hollywood was like cooking a steak by having a series of people come into the kitchen and breathe on it.

the one thing i liked about the tv version of the movie that no one else does is the 5-10 minute beginning that gives a history lesson and explains the house system (its supposedly what pauls reading/listening to when the movie starts)

A little cleverly-done exposition is always for the best in a story as complex as Dune.

That’s always been a big handicap for Dune. There’s so much backstory relevant to the plot which is unwieldy in a movie format. That and the massive amount of internal dialog that somehow has to be conveyed. Lynch just had them think in voice-overs. And most movies use a foil to ask questions for the audiences’ benefit. But both of these can quickly become tedious.