The new "Dune" adaptation

I think that the best way to do it is to just tell the story and let the viewer figure it out. Pretty much every anime does it that way, otherwise you could devote a butt load of time to explaining the world that the story is set in.

And admit it, a lot of the back story is totally irrelevant to a movie version. Viewers don’t need to know anything about the Houses except Atreides = Good, Harkonnen = Bad. If they want to know more they can read the bloody book like the rest of us!

Guild Navigator from the new movie.

That’s not from the new movie. That’s from the 2000 TV series.


Too much Spice?

Too much Spice and he would’ve already anticipated your reaction.

:: golf clap ::

Not enough.

Story of my life.

ahd here it is :

From the review:

Viewed in that light, “Dune” is a movie that earns five stars for world-building and about two-and-a-half for storytelling.

This is pretty much exactly how I’d describe the book, so this makes sense.

heres a second opinion :

I cannot wait to see this film! Good thing it’s just going to be the first half. The novel is quite a saga, and cutting it down to just a few hours, or 5-6 hours with an intermission, is/was not the right way to go.

The review says this movie covers about the first two-thirds of the book, which feels like a bit much to tackle in 2 1/2 hours, but there isn’t really a good midway point to break the story at.

My guess would be that the movie ends sometime around the birth of Alia, Paul undertaking the Spice Ritual and becoming the Kwizatz Haderach, and the beginning of the jihad.

Yep, right on the mark IMHO.

Yeah, because the story being told requires so much world to be built in order for the whole thing to make sense, up to five further books down the line. So that is one of the multiple facets of why it’s hard to bring forward a succesful version of Dune

And it means in the strictly technical sense, even just the first book is really a candidate for a LOTR treatment: make it a twelve-hour movie and then split it into two or a trilogy. Because there is just too ogdamn much going on. The critic who complained that big name actors ended up melting into the background was just reflecting that, well, no, we can’t have a whole hour around what makes Gurney or Duncan so great, unless we’re doing a 14-hour version.

Two - we get into the issue that the people who are SF readers are not necessarily the same people who fill theatre seats. And let’s be honest: Mua’dib is not Batman or Spiderman, there is no pre-built-in cultural icon status. So how do you avoid dazing the public with a shit-ton of exposition dialog.

And then there’s the expectation among many people, with different variations as to specifically how , that to be deemed succesful a Big Budget Dune MUST knock you flat on your ass and totally blow your mind in both style and substance. Not be merely “good”. That’s some unfair burden on any creator.

The logical place to break the story is Paul and Jessica’s escape from the Harkonnens, flight into the desert, and first encounter with the Fremen. But given that the trailers have been showcasing Zendaya’s Chani, that’s obviously not where Part I ends.

She could be at that first encounter.

id end it right as Paul and his mom drink the spice and everyones cheerring with a teaser of "i hope that doesn’t mess up your soon to be sibling " which of course it does in a way …