The new "Ladders" commercial

Can anyone seriously argue that this isn’t the worst commercial ever made? Unbelievably bad sound track and weird homo-eroticism combine to make what would appear to be a lousy parody of…something. “Ladders” actually paid real money to air this abomination!


Far from the worst, IMHO, but not very good either.

Employers offering 100k+ positions wouldn’t have anything to do with the pissant pecuniary emulators towards which this abomination of a commercial is aimed.

Oh come on, their new commercials (there’s at least one other, with a few more women in it, and an IT dude with some massive cable wrapped around him) are funny as hell. Much more interesting and attention-grabbing than the last series from them that I remember. They’re great parodies of modeling shoots.

After viewing this commercial, with its assortment of misfits crawling around, I refuse to take this company seriously any longer.

$100K plus executives? Maybe for the local insane asylum.

I see that this has been merged with another - when you first posted I had no idea what you were on about. But I’ve since seen one of their commercials.

I have to agree - I can’t take them seriously. A truly terrible commercial.

I see I’m coming to this party a little late, but I just had to chime in. Every time I see this commercial it just reinforces my thoughts that I will never post my resume on this site.

Whoever’s brainchild this was is totally out of touch with what is supposed to be a professional employment structured site.

Demonstrates very well that only silly commercials register well enough in the human brain.

But just because it registers doesn’t mean there is a positive result. In that regard, I would not call this ad campaign successful in any way

I honestly don’t see how this company can have a successful commercial/series of commercials.

The first ones made me want to punch them in their teeth for the pompous and oh-my-god-they-ARE-serious! attitude.

Now these (dunno if there was a different series between the above and this one) are trying to lighten up, but then they can’t be taken seriously.

I thought it was mildly amusing as a tongue in cheek pastiche of various modeling tropes, but I agree that if their desired image is for high-powered executives*, this strikes the wrong chord.

I still prefer it over the smug ones, though.

  • and not the people who DREAM of being high powered executives but will never even get close.

I thought the humor of the commercial was hysterically good, but I concur, as to the effectiveness of the Ladders advertising campaign in support of their business plan, I have my doubts.