The new "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" team

I gotta say, Noth and Sciorra were a definite breath of fresh air. I wouldn’t mind it if this team displaced D’Onofrio and Erbe entirely.

I had thought that D’Onofrio and Erbe were going to be written out for the length of time that Noth and Sciorra were appearing, but it appears that both teams are still active and the show is simply going to bounce back and forth between them. That’s kind of weird.

Yeah, it was a nice change. It was good to see an actual team. I was getting tired of Eames doing nothing but staring adoringly at Goren while he mind-gamed the weekly psycho. Logan’s psycho-cop act (act?) in the pool hall was pretty cool. And I guess Sciorra’s character (I forget the name) will be taking the psychologist angle

I love Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket earned him more slack than practically any actor alive, as far as I’m concerned) - but not in L&O. He’s totally miscast in it. They were looking for a quirky savant detective to psychologically toy with the suspect (a la Columbo I suppose) and the best he can manage is cocking his head at painful angles. Acting! Brilliant! Erbe’s awe would be appropriate if D’Onofrio could manage to play awesome - so I don’t blame her.

My problem is I hate Chris Noth more. He’s better at being what he’s supposed to be, but …yawn…hmm I’m sleepy. Sciorra earns as always a big indifferent shrug. I haven’t seen the new team so maybe they’ll be more interesting than I remembered.