It it Gonna be Chris Noth or will D'Onofrio...

…continue in the lead of L&O, C.I.?

I can no longer watch episodes with Vincent in them. Too many tics.

For the upcoming season, premiering Friday, November 7, the lead will be split between Vincent D’Onofrio and Jeff Goldblum. Each will headline half the episodes.

Can’t stand Vincent D’Onofrio, and he is the reason we stopped watching this show ages ago.

Don’t know if it is the writers’ fault or if he is really that annoying, but unless he leaves that show, this is one household that will never be tuning in.

I’ve never seen the show - what kind of tics? Are they his or did he give them to the character?

I’m sorry,Cisco, but there are too many to list and I hate to even think of his portrayal. The guy’s an excellent actor. Vincent just fell too much in love with making the character mind blowingly neurotic.

Maybe SpoilerVirgin will do the dirty deed.

not to mention his stilted delivery. Is that him or his character? Because it never fails to annoy.

I think it’s the character. When I’ve seen D’Onofrio in other tv shows or in movies, he does not use that same sort of stilted delivery, for example in smallish roles in Adventures in Babysitting or in Men in Black.

I think it’s a little of both, really. D’Onofrio’s had quirky moments in other performances. Certainly the out-and-out weirdness of films like “The Cell” and “MiB” come to mind, but his first really big role as Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket … plenty of issues there. I think it’s something D’Onofrio does, so it’s something he gets asked to do.

But yeah, I think it’s gone beyond the pale in L&O:CI. He stopped being quirky and started being annoying. His emotional instability, his over-identification with persons involved in the cases, the liberties he takes as an investigator, and the difficulties he causes for his partner (sigh, I love Eames) are way too much a part of the show.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I want a Logan/Eames partnership. Some good ol’ fashioned police work, that’s what the show needs.


I agree 100%.

Oops, not 100%.

I can’t think of her name but she appeared with Logan in this series and she was dynamite. If someone offers names, I’ll google her under Images and come back here with her pic.

I’m hitting the sack right now, and won’t be able to check your posts until tomorrow afternoon.

The redhead?

Also, I’ve never quite understood the D’Onofrio hatred the 6,500,000 times I’ve seen it here. I like him just fine.

D’Onofrio is great in the role and by far the most popular lead. Viewing figures fall whenever Chris Noth is in the lead.

Which is the reason,


Oh, Nicholson’s staying? That’s great!

My sister refers to D’Onofrio and his chick detective as “Bend” & “Elf”. That cracks me up!

Personally, I love D’Onofrio. He’s certainly got some annoying ways, but I can overlook them.

I thought I heard Noth say that he’s done all he can do on the show. He’s moving on. I think this decision came a bit late…he’s pretty much either a detective or a rich guy in my mind.

Yes! She’s the one I flipped over. She could do more with one long look than Vincent does in a 10-minute soliloquy. I’m glad she got the job, but I won’t be watching.

Thanks for the link, aldiboronti.

**Barn Owl **: You’re probably thinking of Annabella Sciorra, who also worked on “The Sopranos”. She was freakin’ fantastic, and it’s too bad her contract was so short. The other partner Logan had was played by Alicia Witt while Nicholson was out on maternity leave.

D’Onorfio is, by far, the most popular of the leads (along with Katie Erbe). No, his tics aren’t “his”, but entirely developped for the character of Det. Goren as envisionned by Rene Balcer, they show’s creator. Goren has… issues. Popular theory is that he’s got Asperger’s. About half the staff and the cast would agree with that, if you asked them. The character is one people either adore or can’t STAND to watch. It’s an all or nothing proposition.

The show will likely taken on a new direction, of sorts, with the new Goldblum/Nicholson team on board and two new showrunners running the place. The writing staff has been moved from NYC to L.A. (The show itself still is shot in NYC). Two of the senior writers have left the show, as well, along with some of the older non-credited folk. Warren Leight, the former show runner who worked with Rene Balcer (who left to go back to the Mothership a few years ago) for so very long jumped ship at the end of the last season.

There are great expectations for the upcoming season, or so I hear. Wish I had more insider infos for yas, but, well… rat… ship… Greener pastures… (God, I need more sleep.)

CI truly has been the little show that could – it survived slipping ratings and then a punt to cable. It has survived a hand-off and a huge switch in direction from the creator to a more… liberal?.. showrunner, and now this. It’s doing very well at USA Network. If Bonnie Hammer doesn’t kill it, nothing will. :wink:

Kalhoun: That’s correct. And it was time for Logan to… retire. The character had done his time, so to speak. Noth’s history with L&O is an interesting one, and his relationship with Dick Wolf has always been full of push/pull issues. That said, Logan’s a great character, all around.

I love D’Onofrio, but I’m worried a bit about Jeff Goldblum. I like Goldblum–heck, I used to watch Tenspeed and Brown Shoe–but I’m worried that he might be too quirky. The great thing about Logan is that he’s so not quirky, so he was a nice contrast.

I guess Jeff Goldblum could play pretty normal, but I’m used to him being a bit strange. But then, I used to feel that way about Eric Bogosian.

Does every episode still end in an interrogation-room confession? No actor in the world could elevate such material after the fortieth or fiftieth time.

Thank you Elenfair, but it was Ms Nichols. Below is the link aldiboronti gave us with her picture to the right. If the pic isn’t there, look beneath the box and click on Julianne’s name.

I think I recall the woman you’re referring to. Devastatingly gorgeous.

Nicholson picked up the role of Logan’s partner after Sciorra left, then went on maternity leave… but she’s back. Much celebration all around, lovely baby boy (it was The Year of the Boy - Noth, D’Onofrio and Nicholson all had boys within a year of each other…)

Go team go.

Sciorra was, indeed, devastatingly lovely and her character a great foil for Logan… but whatcha gonna do.