The new Netflix commercail

Anyone else see it. I almost fell off the couch laughing.

Hmmm, maybe I need a life.

Do you know if it’s available online anywhere?

You mean the one where they’re all dressed in black? Add that to my list of commercials that make me want to not use the product.

It made me laugh at loud. Suburban Plankton chuckled too. Macabre humour.

I like it now, but if they play it too often, it will likely get on my nerves.

I too laughed and laughed. My husband came running to see what I was watching but by then it was over. Explaining it didn’t really work.

Well, I have Replay TV so I probably won’t see it. Care to give a recap?

Bunch of black people are standing around a living room, all wearing black, obviously mourning. Center stage is a woman in her 40’s-50’s, crying her eyes out.

Today’s mail gets dropped through the slot in the door. On top of the file is the latest NetFlix DVD.

The lady’s eyes light up, she stops crying, she starts to stand up with an “Oh, cool, my new movie’s here!” look on her face, realizes where she is, sits back down and starts (very faky) crying.

Seeing as how the father of a friend of mine died recently, I don’t find this particularly funny.

Yes, this commercial hits the wrong chord with me as well. Funeral humor just doesn’t appeal to me since my dad died a couple years ago. But I can see how morbid humor has value as a way of coping with disturbing topics, so I am not going to look down on anyone for liking it.