The New Toyota Commercials.....Creepy As Hell

Maybe you’ve seen them. The college-age kids being sold a car by a white-haired coach/recruiter type charecter. Seems like a friendly sort of guy, even complements one kid’s shoes…

Just looks like a Jerry Sandusky with glasses to me. :eek:

Geez, Toyota. Who greenlighted this campaign? Whoever it was has a real good sense of timing.

It never pinged my Creep-o-meter. I’m just not sure I completely get the joke.

Same here. I just assumed it was a football/basketball reference that I didn’t get.

The reference is to a college football coach recruiting an athelete. Since Sandusky was a college football coach that may be why it feels creepy. The point of the commercial is that buying your first car is rite of passage into adulthood like going to college and if you buy a Toyota you will feel like an adult.

This is the second time they’ve run this campaign… I’m guessing I’m remembering that it was first run during last year’s football season. It was off the air for awhile and just recently started running again in the past couple weeks.

Unfortunately now I’m going to think about Sandusky ever time I see that ad. Thanks!

I assumed he was an actual coach that I should have recognized - just looked it up and Coach T is a part, not a person. I get the joke, but they should have ponied up for someone real.

You must not have seen those ads with the bizarre extra heads which grow out of people’s bodies-and start singing! So the entire dealership is overrun with Things-yep nice thing to know…

Jerry Van Dyke would’ve worked for me.

Even worse, it is Johnny Knoxville in MIB2. At least the Thing just kills you. :smiley:

Coach is impressed!

All I think of when I see these commercials -

“only dorks buy Toyota Camry”

I wasnt creeped out by it, but it did seem weird in that it looks like a giant NCAA recruiting violation.