The Next Democratic Presidential Nominee and the Bernie Sanders Factor?

In case you don’t know, next time the Democrats nominate a presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders is going to be front and center, making sure he is a progressive. Or at least that he (Sanders) be heard.

I don’t have a cite. But that is what Sanders said last year, with the nomination of Joe Biden.

Up until now the Democrats have been playing the moderate card. Dukakis was their last truly liberal nominee.

What I like about moderate nominees is they’re strong on defense. (I’ve been a lifelong Democrat. And I support things like gay marriage. But I also believe in a strong defense.)

But has the time come to play the liberal card again? What’s the worst that could happen? And would it in fact play better to the younger base anyway?

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

We should certainly hear the opinion of Sanders and every other Democrat.
Moderate is fine with me, but this proposed bill involving child care, taxes for the very wealthy, immigrants is not liberal?
What do you consider liberal, “the squad”?

Will the next Democratic presidential candidate be a “Capital P” Progressive? I don’t know. Will he or she be more progressive? Yes, because that’s the direction the party is heading in. Joe Biden 2021 is much more progressive than Joe Biden 2008. Will Bernie Sanders have much of a hand in determining who the next Democratic presidential nominee is? I suspect not.

We don’t even know when the next hotly-contested Democratic nomination will be. I could imagine it being as early as 2024 and I could also imagine it being as late as 2036. Whatever you think of Bernie, the actuarial tables have a lot to say about how long he’s going to be a factor in anything.

Yeah, this is the relevant point. And if Biden isn’t the candidate in 2024 due to age/health issues, the party isn’t going to take a punt on the older Sanders.