The non-war thread

Editorial Note: This thread is neither pro-war, nor anti-war. It is a place to escape the constant bombardment of news, glurge, and angst that’s built up over the past months. It’s a spot of blissful ignorance in a not so blissful world. Therefore, the only mentions of Bush should be in the context of mulberries or baked beans, WMD in the context of “wheeled mobility devices,” and so forth. Capice?

I wanna tell a happy story! So here it is.

I think I stared at that white-eared squirrel for ten minutes. He sat on the ground outside my window yesterday afternoon, flicking his fluffy little tail rapidly and gleefully, before scurrying into a hedge of juniper. I watched as he wiggled around in the densely packed branches, then popped his nose up into sight. Sensing no danger, my furry subject hopped up and danced on the densely packed green needles that defined the trimmed hedgetop.

This new vantage point gave a better view of the nourishment on the tree branches just above his head, and with a mighty leap, he flew into the mass of pine above. That nutty rodent had picked the baby branches of an evergreen for his afternoon snack! I watched in disbelief as he hung inverted on a twig no thicker than a straw, rising and falling with the natural bob of this makeshift spring, stuffing young evergreen needles into his hungry maw.

I think you are in shock. :wink:

I took inventory of the garden beside my front steps today:

snowdrops in bloom

itsy-bitsy violet leaves

pointed, rusty-colored tulip leaves just breaking the surface

blunt, pale green daffodil shoots about 2 inches tall

crocuses with their first four leaves spread and the bulge of buds starting to show

Hey, it’s SPRING!

(Haven’t seen a robin yet, though.)

Ya wants boids?

I gots boids!
Actually, I saw the coolest boid, er… bird… today. It looked like a Cardinal, but with a BLUE head. Awesome.

We have the Pear and Apple and Red Buds and Magnolias all blooming right now.

And the Maples! The Silver Tipped Maples are just starting to put out their leaves. The color green you see at the beginning of Spring is absolutely delightful.

Ah,spring.I saw a robin hawk up a loogie,his first since migrating from a more serene wintertime enviroment,to the gray expanse of the Bronx,NY.

I think he was trying to find the zoo so he could get into a classier neighborhood.A little early to fight the pigeons for leftovers from the stadium.

I live in an urban neighborhood with one of the busiest intersections in the state only two blocks away. But if I walk two blocks in the other direction, I am at the zoo built on what used to be (and is again) a farm. I like to leave the more exotic animals to the other visitors and take the long walk up to the farm house that has been there since about 1812. Behind the house are newly built out buildings. If I walk through the stables, I find a beautiful meadow with horses, cows and sheep. It is like being a child again. With a picnic lunch and a good book, I become myself again.

I object. I say we should be able to mention Bush when talking about the Rock band or about the naughty bits of the finer half of our species.

I wanna tell a story about a group of misguided boys from the southern (yet northern) part of a republic who thought that they could get the better of another group of boys who were from the Wonderful Land of Mary.

The boys from the south weren’t bad, they just didn’t know their place. They thought that the boys from the Wonderful Land of Mary might be a little soft, seeing as how they had lost their last few scuffles to the boys from the Land of Virgins and another pack of boys who were also from the south. You can’t really blame them though because the boys from the Wonderful Land of Mary had gotten a bit cocky against those other boys who were tougher and trickier than getting’ moonshine past the sheriff in your pickup while his wife and daughter’re in the front seat

So the day of the scuffle they formed into groups to oppose each other, and for hours did they scuffle back and forth. One minute it looked like the one group of boys was going to win, the next the other group of boys. Even the bystanders had sweat poring from their brows watching those boys go at each other. Eventually those boys from the south managed to get an edge on those boys from the Wonderful Land of Mary. It looked like all hope was lost and the boys from the Wonderful Land of Mary were gonna go home with their tails between their legs after a stern whuppin’. But then a wonderful thing happened…

Drew Nicholas hit a jumper as the buzzer expired and the Terrapins went on to the Round of Thirty-Two.

As I was snuggled in my bed last night, window open to the conservation area behind our house, I listened as the sounds of civilazation gave way to the sounds of nature at night. I heard an owl. It was faint. It always makes me feel a little special - I got to hear the distinctive call of a bird I can’t see as I lay in the dark waiting for sleep.

It’s lovely weather outside and later I will go for a ride on my bike. It’s the best way to clear your head after a day of research for your stupid paper. I am really looking forward to summer, I love spending time at the lake, just relaxing and reading.

Doesn’t hurt that Beergarden season is just about to start here in Munich, yay!

I’ll concede you the band. But the only naughty bits here are itty bitty kitties who look so foolish chasing yarn.

gives Fugazi a fluffy little kitten with big eyes, who proceeds to fall asleep in his lap
It’s the second day of warm, sunny spring weather, and Langdon Street smells of the sweet scent of burning charcoal. I don’t think a single fraternity doesn’t have a grill running this afternoon, yielding to my senses that heavenly aroma that defines summer get-togethers with friends, family, and assorted ne’er-do-wells.

I’m grilling some steaks tonight for me & the little woman.

Then…the oral sex. :wink:

You grill your oral sex??? Ouchie!

I spent the morning clearing out my backyard for our brand new 6 week old black lab puppy. His name is Homer J. and he is by far the cutest, most charming canine I have ever met. I could lay on the floor and play tug of war with the little beast for hours.

Anyway, as I worked I had him leashed to the lawn furniture and he whined and whined and whined. When I finished clearing out all the old leaves and poop and feathers and random crap I do not want him to get his little mouth on, I let him run and he was just the happiest little pup in the world.

Bush sighting…oh wait its only JLO, but still bush. Going out hunting for bush at titty bars. Nice hairy bushes.

Speaking of bushes – the forsythia is going to explode here sometime in the next couple days, you can see the hint of that distinctive, clear yellow along the branches.

Here in North Texas, the oaks are starting to bud up, the grass is growing, and I currently have 2 Tufted Titmice and a female cardinal at the bird bath.

Spring is here…