The not for the squeamish ~ favourite links ~ thread (much sex involved)

My all time favourite was Satan’s “you want to put what, where?”, which made it to threadspotting and has long since disappeared into the abyss.

Everyone knows about the legendary TMI thread.

While running a search a couple of months ago I came across an “awkward moments in sex” style thread, for which I’ve forgotten the title (I was running a search on Satan’s posts at the time and it was one of the 3500 threads in which his posts still show), which is one of the funniest threads I’ve ever read.

On the more serious side, so many “good” religion and abortion threads that I couldn’t even begin to list them - ones in which genuine debates and exchange of viewpoints have taken place.

For pure information, one of the “partial birth abortion” threads posted in GQ, and some of the “ask the…” threads.

Let’s compile a classic list, before we lose these threads forever.